Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Police won't look Subject: Donald Mackay Murder Remains

The police wont even look, so why does Hells Angels want this brothel so much?  Sparkling Chandeliers.

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From: Jennifer <>
Date: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Subject: Donald MacKay Murder Remains.
To: secretariat <>

Dear Sirs,

Juanita Nielsen I have been advokating is in the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers 36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.

I believe Detective Krabe who was accused of this murder and then discharged was following Juanita Nielsen's Murderer to Griffith when the reports that Krabe was in Griffith.

I have had the most highest people within the alleged Hells Angels and links to the *The Hells Angels Ltd coming for the brothel.  Why?

To hide maybe a body that may uncover or expose this drug system that exists.

Donald MacKay, if he was put in a boot of a car, and murdered or shot at by Kings Cross renegrades back in 1977 could be where Juanita Nielsen's body is. The police have not searched the brothel and the fact that the President of Hells Angels Felix Lyle is behind the purchases.

I have been asking for a Royal Commission into the drug fuelled industry.  Donald MacKay, Juanita Nielsen both knew too much about the system.  Yet I feel like they did, where you go here and there it is time yet the mob still come.

The brothel was the secret brothel of the Pink Pussycat Club google Bobbi Sykes wikopedia reference to the club next door.  Then you realise that this brothel was only accessed by the back fire escape for years to this  went.

I believe the murderer of both of these people is the same.  I believe that both were murdered to cover up the drug industry and did exist and still does exist.  I believe the alleged killer came back to protect what he had hidden within the brothel terrorising me too I have already put into the police as a guy alleged Essam Nicola Gerges who told me I have worked for the Bayeh's for protection and picking up extortion money.  He also tried to extort me, well I believe some was paid  to keep the peace, it is devasting that the police had the file open on Juanita Nielsen since 7 December 2011 from Inspector MacDonald of Kings Cross and he told me he turns a blind eye up here to the drugs, it gives me a job.  So where do you turn too.

I went to Cherie Burton's office today MP I was told everything in email, yet I still have the mob taking the control of the brothel.  For What...TO HIDE THE EVIDENCE ?  MAYBE?

I asked last night for a Royal Commission, I will send more emails as to why?

Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay are both inside the hidden brothel allegedly owned or utilised for a cover up as 1975 Juanita was murdered.  1977 the brothel was still shut and a good hiding spot if Juanita was found.  You may even find the murder weapon.  As Peter Schaffer told me there was a gun in the brothel I never found it.  It could be with the body.

The brothel has been bought or being bought by allegedly Quentin Vertigan and Elias Elias  with builders waiting to go on.

In the second hall way from the laundry to the bathroom.  Why the two steps and why the levels in the floor raised?  What else is there?  

Please I beg please examine this brothel, there are differences to plans.  The fact when ever it opens without the allegedly Hells Angels or links to other outlaw gangs it is extorted.
To hide a secret?

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