Monday, 14 October 2013

Outlaw Gang Crime email to Prime Minister 10 October 2013

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Submitted on Thursday, 10 October 2013 - 10:10am

Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: Weatherstone
Email address:
Your address: 
Subject: Outlaw gang crime
I have followed Hells Angels elite in Sydney since 2009, well they were
extorting me, standover tactics and threats to murder me.  I kept watching.
Yesterday I read in the Newspaper that Barry Ofarrell had a meeting with
Police Minister Gallacher, Andrew Scipone and Nick Kaldas.
I have reported to the Police about how allegedly Nick Kaldas the now Deputy
Commissioner twisted evidence in Phuong NGO's case.  By this case it allowed
the drug network to explode into Cabramatta whilst Kings Cross was under the
pump from the Wood's  Royal Commission.  THis gang was Gang 5T, in reality it
was the Triads, Mongrol's that exist even today that link into the drug
network as allegedly supplying of the ice and heroin even other stuff  that I
don't know about.
It has been noted previously that Nick Kaldas Police Officer needs to be
investigated as extortion case on John Ibrahim was destroyed through the
alleged leaks from him.  I have asked many of the Police to look into my
claims as it will show that the twisting of evidence does occur, that this
twisting is never questioned by the Crown Barristers, by Judge and should be.
  This evidence in the case of Phuong NGO is to do with dates and as I go
through the evidence you see how it twists.  I was given a Middle Eastern
Crime specialist Det Carter to investigate by the Attorney General however in
January 2013 he decided he was not  going to investigate.  Well,  it's the
Police involved and where they are today is a national importance to the
safety of the community.  Where every piece of information I have given in to
the police to destroy Hells Angels has gone to Kings Cross Police Station.
This in itself seems strange when I live near Hurstville and have had
Detectives from Strike Force Raptor looking at evidence.  Now they tell me
all my evidence is in the control of Kings Cross Police under 141a Police Act
the Police have the right to decide what they investigate and what they dont.
  This allows this Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas in a position where if the
research is right, and why Deputy Catherine Burns has been requesting for
further Police invention into the links  with Nick Kaldas.  This in itself is
the key strategic point of the Police operation he can tell people, he could.
  He may not even know that the person near him is the leak.  However when you
read my report on Phuong  NGO you see that this is allegedly a reality that
is a concern and costing tax payers loads of  money.  The company The hells
Angels ltd should be deregistered.  This is the control arm of tthe drug
network, it links to UK and America.  This link is also to the premises
34-36A Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point where the King of the Underworld has
always controlled the brothel there.  Abe Saffron's brothel,was the same time as Gang 5T Madonna's mob
took over the premises as a win for the drug network alleged shooting of John
Newman MP.  I found on the ground in Kings Cross a strong link to
Triads/Bandidos/Hells Angels as one gang.  Thou, they work in different
area's they didn't cross each other.  Within this gang they work on the
Rituals linked to Aleister Crowley to be the Beast 666.  WILL 2 Kill   W2K
could also be WILL as in the force behind the crime, 2 as the Second Lodge
Grand Lodge that was started in 1920 to control the drug network in Kings
Cross.  This was known as MCJ or Lodge J, J for Jewish.  The real King behind
the drug network is still a Jew.  I haven't found him, however the company
registration The Hells Angels Ltd would help.  I was told, to pull apart the
drug network I needed to find the corrupt Police.  The system protects, the
manipulation of how the Crown will play a game of chess that the Police bring
up, not thinking that this game could be the opening and continual life line
for the drug network.,  I opened the Juanita Nielsen murder
   If I'm right, then SOMEONE has to read my book.  I will be emailing the
Minister of Police with the attachment.  This  is a concern as Kings Cross is
the key to the Underworld and the key to bringing the drug network down on
the evidence I have supplied previously to PIC reports.  10000 hits on my
website this week shows that people are reading my evidence.

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