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Macabeia Games

Macabeia Games
Australia was brought world wide attention to a bridge collapse of the Macebia Games of the Jewish games.  Our representatives came from all around Australia.  I knew Greg Small     who actually drowned in the Macabeia Games, Greg was 37, Greg and his wife, we knew through the sons’ playing soccer together.  A great guy, with a heart as I sat at his funeral I heard about the Jewish religion and what he had lived by. I agreed with so much I heard that day, it brought a new understanding for me into the lives of being a jew and the respect for each other.  Greg was a devoted dad, who for what I saw of the snipets into his life he was happy, caring, and involved in his children and ten pin bowling from Manhattan Bowl Mascot.  His name is now on the Ten Pin Bowling Centre in Canberra as a mark of respect to this fine athlete.
Within the cases associated you will notice the alleged child’s play.
Irgunit's traditional business was the construction of props and stage sets for theater productions. The company had never designed nor built a bridge.[14]
However, with this tragedy, and after what I have read and assessed, this allegedly could be a mark of Abe Saffron, leaving his stamp on the world.  The Maccabeus Games is for the elite of  the Jewish belief.  The organised criminal gang, had meetings with me at the Manhattan Bowl Mascot.  The Sargent of Arms, comes from there allegedly for the protection of the Cross that was having difficulty with a Wild Madame X and they could not shut this same brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers.  Another within this web, however when you realise that in 1891 the Maltese (sic) Cross went missing you see a new light into this person allegedly Sewe who called himself the Sargent ofArms for Hells Angels, the Eastern Suburbs Chapter allegedly this organised criminal gang in February 2012 came to Kings Cross to push on premises that allegedly interrelated to King of the Cross John Ibrahim.  Allegedly was this bridge collapse associated with the organised crime gang within Australia where allegedly the Sargent of Arms has held meetings and with this association allegedly has deemed his meeting place in eyes of the god of Moloch and the child’s games this organised crime gang play.
With this in mind I went back through my relationship and encounters with Jewish people within Australia I had come into contact with over my life.  I will have to say, everyone that I have respect for have been good, from Doctor’s to people like Greg.  What I noticed about Sewe was that he was working allegedly for the criminal organisation as with the meetings and interactions with Sewe I had allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges would collect at these meetings perfume, phones, watches like James Bond with tape recorders.  Allegedly these were stolen property that he accepted and would show me he had received at these meetings. 
The bridge collapse, I will allegedly relate to the bridge, walking over the water and falling into the water was the aim of the alleged setup by the King Abe Saffron where it was pointing out to around the world of the reference to Australia in the Moloch belief.  Australia entered the games in a different way I believe to many other nations.  This allegedly was organised by Abe Saffron for the world stage f Jewish to see the alleged offering.
New and Old Testament.
I am not overly religious however I do believe.  I note know and only with age I have with this research thought that why we have the old testament, it was the first edition, and the alleged mistakes and findings were corrected within the new Testament where the alleged aim was not for the good of the people or nations.  This than could relate back in time to the reason because the Moloch is allegedly mentioned in the old testament.
We do make offerings to God, donations to the sick, care for children, build hospitals and schools however we condone murder, thuggery, putting fear into people. 

My understanding of the meaning in the bible, I will allege is God’s son, at the hands of the people worshipping Moloch, took his son and put him on the cross as some kind of ritual, donation to the god of Moloch where the tomb reference of the stone placed in front of where as the bible says Jesus rose from the dead is allegedly a reference to a compartment of offering to the god of Moloch.

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