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Victoria Murders that link to the system

Victoria Unsolved murders and allegedly relationship to the Moloch and to Hells Angels with reference to the King, Abe Saffron.
Allegedly, Under The King of the Cross, Abe Saffron and his worship to the god Moloch and the offering of 7 compartments, 7 bodies to the god to improve the flow of money through his blood and hands.
The first system I noticed is the first murder in the 7 compartments is a Beau relationship to the Moloch of the god that Abe Saffron worshiped and spread his worship through his followers of allegedly the drug network, the vice and the companies The Hells Angels Ltd and the alleged gang Hells Angels.
Allegedly Beaumont Children 1966, from South Australia that will be located in the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers, Kings Cross was the first offering to the god from Abe Saffron.
http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/8515794    October 9, 1891  The Missing Mace which relates to the Sargent of arms will relate to how the King of the Cross, and previous the Queen of the Cross had evolved.  I relate to this allegedly was removed by a cleaner at the time, this will relate how many of the papers are relocated allegedly to people from the criminal organisations  The numbers of the date, refer to an 11 allegedly is magic.  I note to rule a country you need a mace, for Parliament of the country.  This allegedly could be placed with the trophies that Abe Saffron Collected within the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  This is the item, where by holding this item you are the bearer allegedly of the ruler of the Cross.
http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/71779750  Within history of Victoria, the 7 murders seem to have happened and this will relate back to the prior head of Kings Cross, the Queen of the Cross Madame Tilly Devine ruling under the god of Moloch.  This relates to the Queen at the time by the reference in the newspaper article of Queenscliffe 1942 7 murders in one week.  I will allege this was an offering to the god Moloch.  If I miss little items it’s because I am trying to show the relationship to the Moloch, the number 7, the god that the person who controls Kings Cross, allegedly controls Australia with the vice across the country within the alleged Satan’s law of Sin, as Abe Saffron was known as Mr Sin.
The murders of Shirley Collins, Leslie McAllister, Driver Arthur Roy Willis, Pte. John J. Hulston, Milan Edward Hlavenka, Maurice Patullo, Francis J. Phelan, Leslie Walkerden and James Coates.  Relating to the number 9 will relate to the alleged Queen of the Cross as her own offering or connected some how to the changing of the position to a King, Abe Saffron, this than will relate to allegedly if Abe is not in the country to alleged murders by others under puppet strings for the ability of Abe Saffron to control the Vice within Australia.
Superstition is where this gang have played with dates, revolving on heavy threats of legals that I have had occur to myself through court cases Hood Vs Weatherstone.
Leslie McAllister, the description of 5 am relates to the god for the numerology of the number 5 means money.  This is the god, Moloch for the blood of money.  The gun was not found, is a link that the gun is normally utilised a couple of times within the act of the 9 murders as an offering to the god of Moloch.
Nine in numerology means the
Arthur Roy Willis murdered by a gunshot through the head, throat, abdomen, and left hand reference I will allege to the three shot through the head, throat and abdomen and third reference spots in healing.  The 3rd Batn, as he was in, 3 numerology means death, to camp at Queenscliff, reference allegedly to the Queen of the Cross Madame Tilly Devine in this alleged cryptic puzzle.
The child’s play, as the police were investigating the killings by 24 year old Edward Joseph Leonski, the US serviceman which will allegedly link to gang world wide Hells Angels for the rebellious angel of Moloch.  Allegedly than more interrelating murders however within the eyes of the law the network is the gang hidden away, for the Queen of the cross.  Edward Josephy Leonski strangled at least three Melbourne Women, 3 meaning death as the number of reference for the alleged Moloch.  The sentry at queenscliff was shot 5 times, 5 meaning money.  Allegedly all relating to the Moloch god offerings, how the sentry is thrown into the sea, I will relate to the study of the Sydney premises Sparkling Chandeliers, 3 Beaumont Children, Prime Minister Harold Holt feared drown 1967, just another link too this system of the god worshipping that was happening and the fact that this alleged gang was playing the cat and mouse game where the cat for Abe Saffron was the Pink Pussycat Club.
Pte John J. Hulston, time 4.30am relates to the 7 within the Moloch of 7 offerings, the date September 1, 1942 again taking the body into the sea, as without a body feared drowned was again the child’s play within the gang and the game they were playing to not get caught, another offering to the  water which will some how have a reference within the Moloch teachings.  By dragging the bodies through the water the DNA evidence was harder for the game for the police to work it out the system, the 5 bullets relate to the number 5 for money.  Within the gang, they would have known it was an offering. 
Maurice Gordon patullo, Skye Road,  the word Skye is a link within the offerings as in my case one of the persons’ name within the alleged setup of Police Vs Weatherstone was called Skye.  Empty Wine bottles, this is also a link as to the alleged evidence of a wine bottle as a reference that the police picked up as an alleged wine bottle as a piece  of the puzzle that this alleged gang utilises to pay for the offerings to the god Moloch.
Milan Edward Hlavenka 30 May 1953 never woke, the date 3 +5+1+9+5+3= look at this numerology with the mirror of the 3,5 either side of the 1 and 9 is also a play within the crytic puzzle, was this the 8th death in the puzzle? Well by the report he was the 5th offering.  Number 8 in numerology is basically acknowledged as lucky.  He was robbed of 8.8 pounds, which this could relate to the 888 that I have noticed link into this worshiping of the Moloch .
With what I have noticed, the Cat within the game I will allegedly associate Abe Saffron, collected Tony Jones, and Christopher Dale  Flannery the last two murders within the 9 is the two people allegedly that the cat had been utilising for the alleged murders as the gunman.  There is history as to Mr Christopher Dale Flannery as Mr Rentokil, however the alleged 7 murders will relate some how to the offerings of the god, where there are 9 murders this will relate  as the two added to the compartments where allegedly Beaumont Children, Prime Minister  Harold Holt, Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Howard Twyrell are all good people, the next two the last to be added see  the 7 bodies had been offered.  

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