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Bail Reporting, system needs fixing

Email Sent to the Attorney General January 2013...the system still exists.

Bail Reporting.  Keep an eye out on The Kings Cross Sting exposes
I have previously brought up about how the system, doesn’t seem to match up with the Police System.
On the 28 January 2013, I was reporting in my mind for my safety in the Private Investigation The Kings Cross Sting has been uncovering. 
The blue form from the court, 14 January 2013, the 18 January 2013 both forms do not state what bail conditions there are. Therefore by giving to the police a copy of the blue form didn’t solve a thing as to the actions today at around 10am in Hurstville Police by a female Constable.
I explained, after the event that I would be reporting the problem to the Attorney General as this is how problems are fixed in the system. 
The blue form should be written in full, if the police are going by this.  However, the system should be updated from the Courts itself.
When people just keep living in Kings Cross without ever  going to the major  Court case as Peter William Schaffer had bragged to me about was in fact explaining in a way how the system worked for the alleged club members that are high up and collecting extortion money and as he said paying the police.
Scott Orrock’s Mrs Lili said that the money goes to pay the police, Chop and Essam said you weren’t paying outside Court Room 1.2 during the court lunch break.
Today, I was told by the Constable she couldn’t find the reporting to get the receipt for myself.  Than upon giving the CNI number which I had to ask for the other day when the police again couldn’t locate the bail file.
I gave the CNI number over to the police officier, her reply was ‘Your not on the system”
It’s Your problem she said, you will need to have this corrected as we don’t know your reporting  conditions as they are not on the computer. 
I actually knew each time I signed the form in Court that the Attorney General can check did not once state the reporting conditions until change to Dr’s appointments to be mandatory for the ability for the Police, the Crown to have me made insane rather than to have a search warrant iissued for the further search of a building for Juanita Nielsen in Kings Cross the same building where I was setup on charges.
I said to the Officier that it was not my problem for the system information, nor the ability to update the system.  I advised that you, referring to her will have to ask for the system to be updated.
However this system fault  is how people like Essam Nicola Gerges a heavy within Hells Angels and in control of the Eastern Suburbs Chapter like the puppet driver pulling the strings.  Is how this man from 2010 Police charges was awaiting trail and breaking bail which was found upon the second request for the police to come into the brothel to get this drug dealer out that had and was terrorising me to control the brothel to hide the secret allegedly of the murders he or others within Hells Angels had done where the bodies of the Beaumont Children, Donald Mackay and ?  will be found.  This brothel was owned by Abe Saffron, well controlled since 1948.
Upon leaving, she went and spoke to someone  to see if it was okay if I left the police station even thou by the reporting details I had complied with.  Alleged stressing unnecessary however  it would be a systematic way to shut me up to hide the secret as the bodies when found will expose the police system of further hiding the bodies by the neglect since March 2012 for the protection and further  covering up of the alleged mistakes for the Police not to search the Original Pink Pussycat Club.
I will note that Hurstville Police had said Senior Constable Gower of more police patrols where the sighting of the police car in the area had not been seen by any of us, even when people stay awake all night, nor when they walk Kyle Parade looking for these extra patrols where Hells Angels I will allege under Peter William Schaffer have caused two Molotov Cocktails at my black hilux and sent people around even last night at 12.30am where my dogs went bolistic.
The Hells Angels have tormented my investigation however in the beginning I couldn’t believe the thuggery and openness where Shannon Elliffe extorted through, thuggery, violence and control stock that he installed and kept all the money where he bought more product of insulation, setup his building company Peregrine Future Pty Ltd, then to SB Construction Group, SB means Sick blokes and really this should be a criminal offence when he sent me the confirmation of the material laid and the work order numbers and copied for the production to the Court within my case Police Vs Weatherstone were at Q363 I said the word Extort. ( Police should further look into his insurances at the time where no bill came for it however the certificate of currency was issued by the Insurance agent from the North Shore, workers compensation, Public liability for Peregrine Future Pty Ltd compliance for the work to be done by the government under the insulation rebate).
The bail system, like Chop Peter William Schaffer said I go to Newtown Court, in and out a couple of mentions than it gets lost in the system. 
This same court is the same court Newtown that allowed Scott Orrock out on bail for allegedly lighting a police truck.  I have followed this case for a bit, however it was strange how allegedly the witness from the Buzzbar Café told his wife to stay upstairs with the fire out the front.  I was told by Chop he would go to Newtown, have coffee and pick up out the back the drug ice.  Is it the Buzzbar, why did he tell his wife to stay upstairs when a fire he was worried about by taking photos of the incident and the sign melted so it was close to his premises?
I attended over The Kings Cross Sting private investigation into this gang Hells Angels and noticed that the wording on the day by the Judge a female and reported to the Attorney General in previous email’s said words to the effect that she was confused.
I checked upon leaving the court around the time when Peter Schaffer was to attend Newtown and confirmed that there was only one Magistrate at the Court house.
So where ever the court system for bail is allegedly updated there I believe is an alleged member of Hells Angels or a person who by other means can be allegedly controlled by Hells Angels to affect just the reporting conditions of bail for the high up Hells Angels members and how court cases are never finished where they go into limbo till that person is picked up by police again as was the case for Essam Nicola Gerges.
This area where allegedly the Bail reporting or next court date is updated is the area where the pending file of court cases allegedly seem to disappear and become unnoticed.  I will note that many of the Hells Angels members and associates running the drug ice are also police informants and have had for some of these numerous identities supplied by others.
I will allege Michael J. Hands who attended the Royal Commission on the Nuggan Hand bank looks very much like a guy known as Gonzo and is the owner of the Circus Bar where in his past Michael J. Hands was a ex CIA agent where he was helping Abe Saffron and was controlling the Bourbon and Beef restaurant.  He allegedly gave evidence at the Royal Commission and than disappeared allegedly to Melbourne.
This person “Gonzo” as I know of him comes up to Kings Cross sometimes however he was fully aware that there are bodies hidden in the brothel and was an alleged setup to coverup the bodies by being in the brothel as the gang was having a hard time with the worry that the brothel was open and being investigated the history of the premises for a novel The Kings Cross Sting.
Sparkling Chandeliers, was opened to eventually become a museum in Kings Cross for us.  We picked the spot, the signage to demonstrate the history of Kings Cross, the doors were sign written all with the end result of having the premises to be a museum.  By the Club open, the gang was worried about the bodies that lay hidden within the brothel in the area of the second hallway sending people in.  All to keep the brothel closed.
However, isn’t it time that a search warrant be granted, that as Justice Blanch said further investigations are needed stressing to Katie Edwards Crown Prosecutor in court where upon exiting, she said go to level 4 and ask for a warrant.  With respect Mrs Weatherstone, we are a court we are not investigating it is the police to investigate however it has nothing to do with me said those words to the effect of by Katie Edwards the Crown Prosecutor.
Upon the search warrant being issued, Upon the finding of the bodies I will further request that the laws bechanged where people say about setup than the police investigate all avenues under an offer of mediation like the Supreme Court system where the reports are given back to the Judges and the request in July 2012 by Detective Inspector Mark Howard for a Police Search warrant by mail served in Court documents to Judge John North 25 September 2012, copies to Katie Edwards Crown Prosecutor that the warrants be granted.
I again, acknowledge that this case Police Vs Weatherstone is unusual however it shows that the problem exists in the system where the Police Inspector Ford who first met the VIC actually was fully aware allegedly of what was happening at the brothel and was the Primia Facia for the gang connection and the police to help close the brothel to hide a secret.  Further more I will allege where the police never fully investigated, even after a second VIC statement there allegedly turning a blind eye to the evidence where the VIC denied any sex with the person Room D allegedly Gonzo, who is Michael J. Hands.  I did ask the Court for this person to be charged upon the charge being laid in January 2013 upon myself however the Barrister for the Crown on the day denied it necessary.  Allegedly a police informant. 
Last Drug information:  Chinatown, Car park Sussex Centre, were a person will come sometimes car/bike and stands opposite car park entrance the car park is the transaction area what I believe.  There is also an older block of units over past the Golden Century of residential units where alleged drug transactions are happening by the traffic, this was found through the study of the carpark and where many of the Hells Angels members and associates go to have dinner at the Golden Century Restaurant and where Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter and Essam Gerges would meet  which I witnessed upon a day where I was asked for $2500 per week for protection.  By my saying no, within a short matter of days to payment of Extortion to Hells Angels, the 50-60 Hells Angels walked upon Kings Cross back in February 2012.
The further threats to myself of Supreme Court action from D & S Australia Ltd, Lang Noonan Solicitor’s is to further hide the secret that they allegedly must be involved within the drug network.  Jeffrey from Lang and Simmons Real Estate without fixing the water issues nor problems I was complaining about was fully aware of the gang behind the brothel being kept closed allegedly the child’s play system of opening the brothel only for the gang to force it closed and terrorise the owner.  The further threats of Supreme Court defamation from Peter William Schaffer and Shannon Elliffe is to allegedly terrorise me into keeping my mouth shut to further hide the criminal behaviour that has occurred to myself and Alex.
Within the envelopes supplied under subpoena by Shannon Elliffe by my typing into Exel of one envelope I will alleged that the claims sent to me will be different to what I have by the number of claims and further to what the Insulation program paid him thus allegedly defrauding of GST to the government as well for the taxation purposes this the accountant would have been able to allegedly pick up by John Yeldham’s advice from the Accountants Yeldham Accountants the company I will allege was closed and another company opened to further hide the evidence of extortion, fraud and standover tactics.
This company Peregrine Future Pty Ltd I believe is being audited by the ATO office however if the imput into the system for the insulation is different to the Government payout to Shannon Elliffe as he started a couple of bank accounts where these were being utilised I will allege for the money to be hidden.
Shannon Elliffe hired a guy Greg Franks who when he came into the office was out to allegedly sabotage the business however he was working under the instruction of Shannon Elliffe.  Allegedly defaming people within the office environment, by changing the filing system from number of the voucher to postcode to allegedly hide the installs and the square metres that Peregrine Future Pty Ltd was laying under the name Azoo Insulation, in Sydney, Port Macquaire, Goulbourn, Tasmania, Mount Beauty area, Orange, Parkes  where trucks loads were moved by Michael Clarke truck driver.  The insulation that was bought by credit card by a few buyers for some was rolled over to Aljen Industries Pty Ltd and is noted within the MYOB I have as a in and out.  I will allege that this has been utilised by Shannon Elliffe to show that the company did not make very much of a profit to cut down on his income taxation.  I believe under the subpoena, the Courts could declare this as contempt of court.  Greg Franks in 2010 explained to me that he had been working with Shannon Elliffe organizing material for the projects they were on.  Thereby Greg Franks will have some idea of what happened.  He use to run Rainbow Video’s on Oxford Street however he should be Nelson Bay way.
Where Bill Bayeh under Quentin Vertigan allegedly child’s play act of buying the brothel as I was being terrorised by Chop Peter William Schaffer and Essam Gerges to keep hide the secret of the brothel of the bodies.  Extorted of money in alleged rent payments whilst they played there alleged games.
Further  I have been bombarged on Facebook from overseas and Australia for the Nigeria Scam where information has been given to the police.  Allegedly Wendy Schroeder is still watching the website  Sparkling Chandeliers by the live feed showing daily from  a person San Antonio.  Facebook was closed through allegedly people complaining about child prostitution however I have been heavily attacked by allegedly Hells Angels.
Sammy Sweet is living out at Bondi Alex has been told today when he bumped into him near The Penthouse Brothel all from where Allegedly sex worker Michelle/Diedre Palmerston I believe from Room 112 Astoria Hotel allegedly a huge ice seller.  At that time Sammy Sweet made out to Alex that Chop Peter William Schaffer and his team were still in the business of the drug ice.
On Australia Day about 10.30pm I was in Wentworth Ave, a undercover looked in my car further allegedly the harassment that the police have been twisting the evidence to further make me be paranoid to allow Hells Angels to be not under attack for the drug network that I have been exposing.
Today, I have been watching the Café Buzzbar, the Chinatown area still thinking that the police should be further investigating there is large movements of the drug ice being moved by allegedly Chop Schaffer, his wife, Sammy Sweet, Sex worker Michelle, Skye Karyn Englehardt however Chop does a pickup as he would brag for the drug ice for a large quantity daily in Newtown. 
I will further request that the police investigate whether Nadia Long solicitor where she was at the meeting with Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald where he wasn’t investigating the alleged murder of Juanita Nielsen, as he held his hand up to Darlinghurst Road.  Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said I turn a blind eye to this.  I will further request that the police investigate the court system where allegedly Barrister John Peluso was playing games under the mental health act to further protect the drug network and the uncovering allegedly of the bodies in the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers.
I will further ask that the laws be changed, where the court has further information that this information be mandatory for investigation.  This will help uncover the alleged gang’s and setups within our society.
The Police look into the use of alleged police informants and how the main gang of Hells Angels and I presume others utilise this police informing as a child’s play to protect the drug network and the gang behind it.

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