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Abe Saffron Legacy...The Kings Cross Sting has done the hidden research

Sparkling Chandeliers

Home of The Kings Cross Sting "Latest Series"

Underbelly, The Scorpion  Juanita's Newspaper
The award winning The Kings Cross Sting Sex Newspaper will be still happening.
This was the Undercover front where this gang didn't know what had hit them.
Red Scorpion was the God in heaven.  Was Juanita Nielsen Astrology Crime?
Was Eddie Trigg Thelema Organisation? Order of A:.A:.?  Or was he the Magician?
Private Investigation the hidden secrets leaked
Abe Saffron Legacy has been unravelled and exposed, the system, corruption
Now it's the call for action to stop this dreaded  outlaw gang that exists today.
"the slaves shall serve." - AL. II. 58.
"Love is the law, love under will." - AL. I. 57.
ALEISTER CROWLEY  Empowered many people for the alleged corruption to happen.
The Corruption is the blind eye where the crime happens and the system can't or won't see it?
Aleister Crowley's work has I will allege been brought to life within Kings Cross however the
Sex Rituals of the Scorpion link to the play 66 The Scorpion 6 for Sex Ritual.  666 The Beast
Scorpion Gang  exposed.

Blinde Eye?  Come On EXPOSED,

Investigate This gang has existed from allegedly 1948.....

Come on expose the biggest drug network in history and Juanita Nielsen...
Shootings around Sydney and if this exposed the gang?
Aleister Crowley would say, keep going Courtney, for Frances for her life will be so much happier without me
WILL.  This is part of this Occult, the parts are played out like a script...arent they Alexander......
Exposing the drug network, allegedly will stop the shootings in Sydney and around the world by this occult
that have taken the law into their own hands.  Drug network is working 24/7 just a new control person
when the Police catch one, this information will break the cycle.

Abe Saffron Legacy, however it's exposed now.

Home of The Kings Cross Sting by Jennifer Stone

We have shootings around Sydney that have increased dramatically and the information

should be acted upon if it could or would stop this criminal activity.

Currently working on the significant evidence of Juanita Nielsen for the history....
In 2005 link to this Occult in Australia
Without the police taking information on drug runners seriously around Kings Cross are we just "turn the blind eye"
as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald told me?  Chandelier, after Max Chandelier? one after another the links fit.
Jennifer Stone has with others The Kings Cross Sting exposed the connections
Judge Garling says irrelevant.  Stop the shootings and this is relevant.

Within the Research we found Lodge J, for Jesus?  System exposed the people that allegedly started

a Occult Cult in Australia that allegedly still exists today.
Theodor Reuss, Frank Bennett, Aleister Crowley, O.T.O., Order Templi Orientis,
Vyvyan Deacon, Lodge J,
Googling the questions one after another to put the significant evidence together for the opening
of Juanita Nielsen 2011.  Now we just need the  police to search the original Pink Pussycat Club in Kings Cross.
Jennifer Stone has investigated occult gang of the Helemetic Golden Dawn, like many other writers exposing
the Illuminati hidden under the Lucifier Pyramid.  Jennifer Stone has worked through works of Aleister Crowley, David Icke, Mark Dice to
get to the real Holy Graal and understanding of the Illuminati alleged occult drug network.  Even Harry Potter by JK Rowlings is
based within the mythology that we exposed within The Kings Cross Sting.
Adult Industry Award Winner
Best Adult Website and Best Sex Newspaper 2011  The Museum is coming, with the significant evidence.
Within the teachings of Aliester Crowley, he left the links to the brothel and the Hooked Map X with the alleged gang behind Kings Cross.
Thelema organisation is alive, Ritual VIII for how Juanita Nielsen became within the hidden compartment?
With many members throughout the world for Thelema and O.T.O, Ordoaa for the Order of A:.A:. that was started in Kings Cross in 1920
however this is the legacy they have left behind Abe Saffron was Mr Sin for the God of Satan who allegedly collected bodies
for the gang to have the control.
I am not affiliated with any of these  organisations however the reading matter links to  BEWARE, this gang is behind the alleged shootiings.
If the search would stop the gun fire all over Sydney and remember this search warrant could have  been executed by the Police from 2011
would have saved a lot of terror on the streets of Sydney.
The owner of the clubs, is the King of the network?  The largest club owner in Australia and the world is James Packer and Lawrence Ho.
Is this the alleged network?  Just a Police search warrant will show what this gang is protecting in the Holy Graal of the premises for the
alleged Freemason's 33 degree. The Kings Cross Sting reading matter that is still continuing.
Links to research

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Abe Saffron legacy,
The Kings Cross Sting exposes through it's series....
Kings Cross History shows the alleged system.
Luna Park felt the problems of this outlaw gang, with the worshiping to the Satan for the drug network.
The only way to expose the system,
is to search the original Pink Pussycat Club
The alleged now BOSS will be caught.

Kings Cross HushhhModels, is one of the latest series in The Kings Cross Sting.  Have a read, than when you go
to Kings Cross next time, check out what you really can see.  What you can see going down in the buildings and
on the street around Kings Cross.  Kings Cross Informer, Madame X, we have had the ears and eyes out in

The law has tried to clean up Kings Cross, it's probably the strong hold for the whole lot  of the outlaw gangs
the pinnacle of success is the drugs that have been flowing since before Abe Saffron's time.  However the links
with the outlaw gangs, has only shown that they bring a new face into the suburb for the alleged overseeing eyes.
The control of the international illicit drug trade can be traced largely to Jewish control and the joining in 1948 of
Jewish control, Britain and USA together for the Kingdom where Australia is the key.
The Skull and  Bones society was launched in 1833 from Yale University under the pirate flag of Russell & Co.,
Russian Jew and today, we allegedly still have Jews controlling the drug market around the world.
In our novels the Kings Cross Sting, the company name was chosen Skull and Crossbones, which was a symbol of the
hidden links within Kings Cross today to ancient times.

However getting back to the Jews' control of the drug trade was exposed by Life Magazine as the money launderer
for the Jewish mobster family in America was uncovered.  Allegedly many of the murder's for hire as this Jewish network
was exploding for the drug lords allegedly linked into the operated Death Squads in Europe, Mexico, Central America, the
Caribbean and the United States was the CIA's "Murder for hire" asset directly responsible for the JFK's assassination.
Many of the countries, the third world countries with their poppy fields in the Golden Triangle for the Jews, with help from
the CIA.  Burma was significant drug trade since World War II.  Production of narcotics in Burma fell away sharply from
1998-2006, due to the deliberate campaign of eradication of poppies in the Glden Triangle to bring "Rebels" in the
military to heel.  However it's now expanding in the country under the United Wa State Army known as UWSA which
is the military wing of the nationalist United Wa State Party.  2006 was a sign linking into Australia with the death of
Abe Saffron.  The links of the drug ice coming into Australia 2003, was a sign of the ice market was growing in Australia.
The UWSA is now probably the most significant producer of narcotics in Southeast Asia, and while it exports the
Jews traditional drug lines, it specializes in the production of methamphetamine which is also known as
'meth' 'p', crystal, 'ice' etc.  Well in Kings Cross through the alleged working girls is the drug of choice.
Throughout The Kings Cross Sting series the drug 'ice' was the subjects studied for the research,
along Darlinghurst Road Golden Mile and by the drug runners that were interviewed during the course
of the series.  A common link for this alleged drug running that we uncovered with the research was the
alleged links to the CIA.
A Swiss drug firm, owned by the Jewish firm of S.G. Warburg & Co. of London, was commissioned to
develop LSD, so it could be utilised in the 1950's by the CIA as a weapon in the Jews' wars against Gentiles,
especially the young and intellectual.  The Jew controlled CIA funded by Dr Leary, LSD guru of the 1960's
who served the Jews by fostering the "Flower Power" culture.  This LSD did much to bend the blind the
minds of the people.
When we go back in history of the Amphetamine was first synthesized by the Jewish chemist Lazar Edeleanu
(1861-1941) of Romania, at the University f Berlin, and it was let loose on the world undercover with the street
name of "shabu" in Japan.
Today the drug ice on the streets is jumped to have some of the effects of really on some of the subjects
I put through The Kings Cross Sting was the bodily function of not sleeping, of talking over the normal seems
to be by product for the drug ice users.  The loss of weight, or the ability to loose weight or just not put on the
weight whilst utilising the ice has become the fashion statement for many of the working girls you will see around
Kings Cross today.
The side effects are listed below, yet it's just a walk around Kings Cross and you will like me be able to see the
ice users like Tina, Elle and Blondie that have gone through The Kings Cross Sting series.
I haven't just followed the drug runners, they have bragged about many of the connections from
Abe Saffron's day to even today which continue hidden behind Kings Cross.
What Abe Saffron left behind was a system that the police have not been able to bust wide open.
What the police missed, was the original Pink Pussycat Club where allegedly Abe Saffron utilised this as
his worshipping under the Jewish laws to the God of Moloch, Hebrew King for the
continuation of the money, his vice, the system.

X Factor of King of the X, Curse of Ham, the witchcraft  of the Drug network
Time Line of Drug network, murders
to Australian History of Kings Cross with
alleged criminal activity with reference to
Astrological events for the timing
Holy Grail?  Look at the Map?
and Royal Commission references
Juanita Nielsen, The Kings Cross Sting.
"In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum" The Kings Cross Sting Informer
is to secret international organizations, those who promote the use of drugs, bizarre sexual practices, and criminal
undertakings, in short, those who continue the rebellion against God, these are the Canaanites, the anti-Semites.
This is the link to the Rebellion Angel, allegedly Abe Saffron, Hells Angels, allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd allegedly as TYVO
Take Your Vice Over as it is the short form that this gang utilises like the X reference as the worshipping for the
murders and the reference allegedly to King of the Cross.  King of the X.
Just a game for some however for the people that are raped, murdered and setup it is the good people that have been framed.
Position of the bodies within the brothel the research shows this is the Spot.
Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross  Hooked Map X.
Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay Prime Minister Harold Holt
Police were called....000 nothing happened, threats to murder and the people are not questioned?
North Delta Aquariids15 Jul – 25 Aug26 Jul230424
Piscis Austrinids15 Jul – 10 Aug27 Jul23−30355faint
Southern Delta Aquariids12 Jul – 23 Aug29 Jul23−164116faint
Rabbi blessed the brothel Mothers day night with Sex worker Michelle
26 July 2011  Sex worker Michelle with Roger Hegarty asked for "$100k to give to John Ibrahim this will allow you to trade Jenny" as Michelle said.
Sammy Sweet turned up at the brothel that night, 27 July 2011 to wonder why I would not pay money.  It's illegal that's why.  Sammy Sweet
also known as Greek Sam said he was sent by John  Ibrahim and Frank Amante.
Police visited again, when rang as these thugs kept coming.  All these people I knew were linked into the alleged drug network.
27 July 2011 Roger Hegarty sent text's and rang regarding the picking up of funds as I was having people door knocking on the brothel for money.
Alleged Extortion had started in May 2011 when the first asking by allegedly Roger Hegarty happened.
27 July 2011 The Police were called
Within Moloch worshipping for the drug network, the links are left behind within the Police evidence I have noted.
Silver and Gold are left or introduced by the VICTIM or left behind as a link to the murder happening, the
Sex is reference where they slander  the name...
Holt was dragged underwater and drowned, no body found.  The body if allegedly ordered by Abe Saffron
will be found within the Moloch compartments that he had within the brothel.
Within Moloch worshipping, it is taking the bible, the Stonehenge, the Ley lines, Astrological links to Meteor showers to
praise to the God of Moloch allegedly like Abe Saffron did back when the life of Juanita Nielsen was taken.
Kings Cross alleged murder of Juanita Nielsen the information and the links were fed to the police.
Juanita Nielsen case,  disappearance of the News reporter.
Then you hear those names when people are threatening my life.
I have on the sign of Sparkling Chandeliers XXX  Three X's for  the Adult content for one meaning, the
location of the King of the Cross and Queen of the Cross was known as a link to the
The X factor,
We see there is an X at the intersection of Victoria Street and Darlinghurst Road and the cross of Victoria Street.
Then with keeping in mind the reference to Kings Cross and Florida, years ago Springfield Road was a link to
Roslyn Street and Darlinghurst Road was the interceptor right at the corner where the brothel stands right on a X.
So we have now 2 X’s at the Kings Cross destination. X for the Queens Cross at Charing Cross
was it the third X in the XXX I had been searching for. The legendary symbol for Nimrod is "X."
The use of this symbol always denotes witchcraft.

Springfield is a town within Florida, Roslyn is within the Stonehenge Ley lines of the Roslyn Chapel and the Rose ley line.
Then we have Stonehenge Road in Springfield Florida, just another co-incidence in this maze we are unraveling.
The Crop Circles allegedly of a ice  pipe alien and the ice that is the drug allegedly Hells Angels, Triads
are moving throughout the world as the links to the Rebellion Angel.
Allegedly Hells Angels, Nomads, Coffin Cheaters, Comanchero's, Bandidos, Gypsy jokers, Triads, 7 alleged groups all
working as one within the drug network allegedly under Phil the Jew, Abe Saffron, King of the X position.
This same brothel in history has had Managers setup, 1971 Shirley Briffman, 1985-6 heavies were visiting Bayeh and MacPherson,
2002 Polly Anna Rogers, 2009 Heroin bust, 2010 Bella's Gentlemen's Club,
2011 Sparkling Chandeliers I will allege seems a lot for just one building where this building has had trouble opening.
When I was working on checking the area where I thought there could be allegedly hidden bodies, I was threatened.
I had tried so had many of the alleged associated puppets that came into the brothel some bashing holes in the walls for what?
2011 I knew there was something hidden within the brothel,  We were not selling or doing drugs and the drug network I couldn't stop.
I just had to find  it?  Why would so many people one after another threaten my life?
The police seemed to not listen to any of the evidence allowing 141A of the Police Act no further investigation.
What is hidden behind the cream patch in Room F that Essam Gerges said he would send the boys to collect.
Our Private Investigation started in 2009 where two people decided that they were wanting to find out if Police corruption and
the drug network could be exposed..
How the drug raids happen in Kings Cross?  What on the ground tipoff's happen to warn people?
How the same drug sellers are on the ground year after year some allegedly 40 years?
Working out if the police were given the information whether the police would ACT?
The faces of the drug runners, than the feeders of them?
The Private Investigation The Kings Cross Sting has been working on the business network that existed in history
and still exists today?
Read and be amazed at what you can find out undercover.....
The Kings Cross Sting Newspaper Undercover in Kings Cross the Wild Madame X investigation
Madame Tilly Devine, Kate Leigh were the Queens then what happened?
With Donald Mackay allegedly it was a contract killing. Juanita Nielsen allegedly a contract killer.
The 4th Compartment of the Moloch for allegedly Abe Saffron will hold the Holy Grail.
Who were  watching the brothel, alleged Triads as I was told Peter Schaffer allegedly Triads, Rod Raffout said he was
Triads to me within the brothel.
This link in Macau as within the research documents Triad (underground society) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Macau is the link allegedly for the Opium where it could come out of China years ago, now it’s the drug ice being moved
from China to Australia and further however the drug network is worth the most within the western world in Australia.
What I have noticed that the alleged gang members or associates I have met allegedly will move from one gang to
another in fact there was 7 gangs formed as a worship to the god of Moloch.
Stonehenge links to this alleged criminal organisation
The god of Satan, the drug empire and the links to the numerology, to the solar system and the twisted
links to the bible.
The Moloch image alleged in this underworld is the Bull, then the girl with the lettuce head is the
alleged child prostitution and the Female, the Pink Pussycat Club is shown as the bowl and the spoon
in one way they may call this a link to the Holy Grail?
Rebellion Angel is known as Hells Angels, Gypsy Jokers, Finx, Coffin Cheaters, Rebels, Comoncheros, Bandidos.
At this stage within the alleged vice and drug networks they intertwine.  This breaking the drug network up is a way of
stopping the complete drug network from coming down.  At each level it is allegedly a busness working within the
underworld terrorising the general public.
The term "Triad" was assumed to be coined by British authorities in colonial Hong Kong, as a reference to the triads'                                             use of triangular imagery.  The triangle with the eye for the Illuminati is a link to this alleged gang Triads.
The link will allegedly be to  the Casino’s in Macau, the Florida USA and Australia as the Triangle that was formed back through
many of the centuries.
Skull and Bones in the United States Yale University allegedly is one of the founding relationships of the drug network and the
joining forces where the drug network was hidden by the fronts of good people.
The links to this alleged criminal organisation link to the crop circles and the images that link to the Jewish,
This foundation was with the alleged Opium and the alleged Triads.
On March the 17th. 1948 the first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded
in the Fontana/San Bernardino area in the United States of America.
1948 17 March, The first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in Fontana/
San Bernardino area in the USA.
1948 Phil The  Jew Died, he allegedly had controlled the drug network with Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh as his alleged puppets.
1948 Abe Saffron took over the brothel at 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  Madame Tilly Devine just handed to him.
1953 Abe Saffron under a company Appin Investments Pty Ltd took over the Raffles Hotel Applecross WA
1960 Alleged Abe Saffron gang allegedly to be Hells Angels was documented as growing
1960 Graeme Thorne 7 July picked up after his family won the lottery first ransom in Australia,                                                         his body was found 16 August.
1966 Beaumont Children Disappearance Australia Day 26 January No Bodies found
1966 Prostitute Anna Dowlingkoa disappeared Kings Cross 17 February, body was found 10 days later near Menai.
22 days after the Beaumont children disappeared.
1967 Prime Minister Harold Holt feared drown alleged murder? Ursid meteors
1970's Nigeria Scam Started.
Allegedly this is how drugs are paid for from the gang Hells Angels, alleged money transfers thru Western Union in 2012
1970  John Ibrahim Born 25 August
1971 Shirley Briffman Brothel Madam 36A Darlinghurst Road, allegedly terrorised in the brothel.
Then Shirley Briffman rolled over to the police.
1972 Shirley Briffman Brothel Madam Dead March 1972.  Fred Krahe was blamed however he was no where near her.
1972   Victoria Street Development Kings Cross  By Frank Theeman with backers
1973 Nugan Hand Bank Collapsed 1980
1974   15 April Patricia Galea wife of Kings Cross Identity Bruce Galea murdered in LA alleged robbery.
The California Court of Appeal was hearing the case 30 years later it fell in a void/crack within the system.
1975 4 July Juanita Nielsen disappeared links to June Bootids are a meteor shower Juanita Nielsen went missing at 12 noon.... Daytime Zeta Perseids
1975   30 April  The end of the Vietnam War….This was a way the drugs allegedly were coming into the country as soldiers
Allegedly the war was one way the drugs  were being moved from country to country through the coffins of the dead,
and  the fake coffins full of heroin during this time.
Allegedly We had the end of the Vietnam war and drugs were still needed and being utilised.
1975 Shirley Finn Brothel Madam Perth, Western Australia Murdered for going to expose the system of the
Child prostitution and the extortion.
1975   Who were the men from allegedly Kings Cross that were heading the Sydney Chapter Hells Angels?
1975    Hells Angels Sydney  The formation of the company *The Hells Angels Ltd  1975 with allegedly Triads,
Skull and Bones drug network
1975   Hells Angels Melbourne The formation of the company The Hells Angels Ltd 1975 with allegedly Triads,
Skull and Bones drug network
1976   Hells Angels Ltd UK started
1975   David Farrell was keeping close contact with Juanita for two weekes prior to her disappearance.
When did Juanita Nielsen get the tapes with the alleged evidence of the drug network joining forces?
Or was this the alleged drug network being controlled in Australia, by the top of the business an elite businessman
with high standings and the bottom of the drug network as allegedly Abe Saffron Hells Angels?
1975 Paul Martin Pest Control business from Victoria Street had allegedly threatened Juanita.
(This is the child's play this alleged gang utilises Pest Control because Juanita Nielsen was a pest to the alleged gang)
1975 David Farrell had asked Juanita to back off the development in the NOW Newspaper, the seventh anniversary of the
NOW Newspaper was the 4 July 1968 started and David with Juanita were going to celebrate.
1975 David Farrell had not been at 202 Victoria Street the week before Juanita Nielsen's disappearance in some reports, others say                he answered the front door at 202 Victoria Street on the 30 June when Trigg and another man were sent from the Carousel Club.
1975   Jim Anderson was not at the Carousel Club for the 10.30am appointment
1975 Juanita Nielsen was seen on Roslyn Street at 5 to 12pm for the lunch time appointment last seen by a friend Helen wearing a
Red leather Jacket 4 July 1975 police interviewed Helen on the 24 July 1975.  However the police dismissed this evidence.
Was there an appointment in Roslyn Street?  In the building 34-36A Darlinghurst Road, enter to the flats via the fire escape
opposite the Carousel Club.  Allegedly this would be the link to take Juanita to her death?  Was this meeting organised by Trigg?
1975   4 July Juanita Nielsen allegedly murdered  No body found shot is what they say,
I will allege was hung to drain the blood in Room F of the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers
where Juanita Nielsen walked to her death as within the Moloch belief the victim must walk
to there own death.  Then this draining of blood takes approximately 20 minutes, the area within the
subfloor of the ladies toilets was the area they hid the body the body of Juanita Nielsen allegedly never left Kings Cross.
Allegedly Abe Saffron was collecting the trophies for his  Moloch compartments to keep the drug money coming.
Allegedly Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Howard Tyrell, Prime Minister Harold Holt all were stopping the drug network from expanding.
1975 At the inquest into Juanita Nielsen.... David Farrell and Juanita Nielsen on the 4 July night were going to celebrate the
7 years of the NOW Newspaper, however David Farrell reported her missing to Darlinghurst Police on the 5th July.                                                 Mr Farrell said he had contacted the Hospital's and family about Juanita Nielsen's whereabouts.
Allegedly the gang throws red herrings, the sighting of Juanita Nielsen at 5 to 12 in Roslyn Street
1975   Allegedly The secret brothel of the Pink Pussycat Club was closed never to reopen to hide a secret 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
1975 16 July, Juanita Nielsen handbag recovered on the F4 near Penrith with other clues sprinkled along the same road.(Red Herring to send the police on a tangent away from Kings Cross where  allegedly Juanita Nielsen has never left)
1975   Fred Krahe Police Officer allegedly blamed for Juanita Nielsen's disappearance Read The Kings Cross Sting investigation report
1977   15 July Donald Mackay allegedly murdered No body found shot
Within Moloch worshipping there will be a yellow, in Juanita Nielsen it was a yellow Mustang that was noticed.
This was the not searching of the Original Pink Pussycat Club from 1958 was never searched?  Why?
1977 4 August Howard  Tyrell Dubbo Horse  Trainer shot…gun never found  allegedly this is the gun that Peter William Schaffer told me               he was looking for a gun in the brothel in February 2012.
1975   *The Hells Angels Ltd company was listed through ASICS  This company is still in existence.
Is this why there was allegedly a * as there were two companies with the same name thus the * was created so the
two companies could be started in 1975 in Melbourne and Sydney.
1977-80 Woodward Royal Commission on drug trafficking in Griffith
1978 Perc Galea died and Bruce Galea gained  Partnership with Frank Amante of the Club 77 at 77 Darlinghurst Street, Kings Cross.
1980 Nugan Hand bank collapsed
1980 January 27 Francis Nugan found dead shotgun....Alleged he was shot as it was done by a shotgun.
allegedly to hide the connection with the money and Michael J. Hand a ex CIA,
1980 Hells Angels Nomads, Melbourne
1980 Nomads were formally identified separately in Melbourne.
1981 Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence about 100 horse racing conspiracy fraternity
1981 Brian Alexander allegedly murdered December Law Clerk in Sydney
1983 Hells Angels Adelaide I will allege Adelaide was one of the ways the drugs were coming to Sydney.
The links to Adelaide within many of the companies associated will be with accountants where allegedly                                                                 Hells Angels is placing money would need to be researched further?
1983 August Coroners Inquest into Juanita Nielsen
1984 Fine Cotton horse fixing.
1985-86 Brothel Madame Butterfly’s was extorted heavily and never opened
(now World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.)
1985 Christopher Dale Flannery allegedly murdered known as Mr Rentokil
1988 John Ibrahim with 20% started his first club Tunnel Cabaret in Kings Cross
1991 Louie Bayeh Boss of the Cross came under heat during this time.
1991 Allegedly the Company was transferred to Bill Bayeh at that time to hide the connection.
Allegedly when the company was then transferred to  Louie Bayeh during the  period when Bill Bayeh was King of the Cross.
1991 The Company allegedly *The Hells Angels Ltd changed to TYVO Ltd still the same company.
Allegedly this company *The Hells Angels Ltd has the drug network ownership as the Australian arm of the business of dealing drugs.
1991 John Ibrahim had a son Dan Ibrahim
1992 John Ibrahim rented a house in Dover Heights that he later bought
1994 Murder of MP John Newman Cabramatta  to open allegedly the drug trade through Cabramatta than Kings Cross                                          as to the heat through the Royal Commission.
The date was the link to expose this setup to the death Hồ Chí Minh
(Northern Vietnamese pronunciation 19 May 1890 – 2 September 1969), not the 4 September.
Report Phuong Ngo The Kings Cross Sting Police Informers.
1994-1997 Woods Royal Commission Police Corruption
Documented during the Woods Commission KX1 and KX6 about extortion on a brothel in Kings Cross known then as                                         Madame Butterfly’s that never opened.Allegedly this extortion was allegedly by Bill Bayeh.
1995 Hells Angels Darwin
1996 Bill Bayeh was goaled for the dealings of drug dealing in Kings Cross.
1996 Allegedly the company *The Hells Angels Ltd, TYVO Ltd was in the name of Louie Bayeh.  A
1996 The company or share of Club 77 moved.
1997 Hells Angels Brisbane
1977 Nomads were identified as a separate gang started by Sam Ibrahim.
1977 Sam Ibrahim identified Nomads as a separate gang allegedly for the running of the Vice
1997 Sam Ibrahim became President of the Nomads Granville Chapter
1988 John Ibrahim Started first Club Tunnel Cabaret in Kings Cross with 20%
1998 Hells Angels North Crew Adelaide
2001-02 Strikeforce Sombra John Ibrahim with alleged extortion and standover tactics to the strip of Kings Cross
2001 Shirley King said that Juanita Nielsen was shot in the Carousel Club (Red Herring for the mob Kings Cross was heavily investigated at         the time and this threw the public into thinking Police Corruption.  This is a pattern where the police have been blamed at all times to allegedly hide the gang's criminal operations.
2003 Madonna’s Mob came to Kings Cross opening the Brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross
Within the worshipping of the Moloch symbols are represented for the meaning.
The ownership of the drug network has always had Nightclubs as Phil The Jew, Abe Saffron,
allegedly Kerry Packer had the Crown Casino.
2003 Hells Angels East County, Melbourne
2004 4 September Kylee Ann Schaffer missing person  Same date as John Newman 4th September.
2005 Hells angels City Crew Sydney..Allegedly this links to the Broadway drug run called City Crew.
This drug run has been operating every day with only minor police catching them.                                                                                               Allegedly this is the link to Sewe Sargent of arms for Hells Angels on the ground in Australia.
2006 Hells Angells Dead End Crew, Adelaide
2006 Abe Saffron Died known as Mr Sin------Allegedly by Abe’s death was the end of the Hells Angels founders overseeing the Club…
2006 Bandidos by intelliegence Parramatta Chapter tried to take over Kings Cross when Abe Saffron had past.
2007 Notorious Gang was formed for the alleged Kings Cross Chapter. Allegedly this was a game plan to hide the company.
2009 Strike Force Raptor formed by Police to investigate Hells Angels.
2009 Jennifer met Peregrine Future Pty Ltd Sole Director Shannon Elliffe
2009 December Shannon Elliffe confessed to deleting all emails from Aljen to allegedly lose the evidence.
2009 Insulation Government Rebate Scheme alleged connections with Hells Angels and deregistered insulation companies.                               Allegedly this was fueling the gang to increase in size.
Government should audit where the payments from the government matched the accounts of the Insulation Installers.
2009 Madonna’s mob at the brothel were caught in the biggest heroin bust to Kings Cross.
2009 Moulin Rouge Club 39 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross owned by Lili Cassandra Chel married around 2008-9                                                   President of the Nomads Scott Allan Orrock
2010 Hells Angels  Chinatown  this was the change from the company that was started back with the mob allegedly from the meetings at the                                 Chequers Club  Goulbourn St, during the 1975’s that Juanita Nielsen knew about.  Allegedly Abe Saffron a silent partner in the Chequer's Club
2011 January noticed club Moulin Rouge closed up for lease...This reopened as Club O in 2012
2011 First extortion by sex worker Michelle asking $100k from World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers
2011 Shannon Elliffe put a drill hole in the wall in Room G where it didn't access the other side to a compartment area.
2011 Hells Angels bought Bandidos Parramatta Chapter.
2011 Hells Angels Parramatta
2011 Hells Angels West Side Sydney
2011 Hells Angels East City
2011 29 June Bill Bayeh released from goal for serving time as the Mastermind of the drug trafficking in Kings Cross….served 15 years.
2011 July Sammy Sweet came into the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers saying he was sent by John Ibrahim and Frank Amante
2011 July Sammy Sweet said "This brothel will one day make the front page of the Newspaper"
2011  July 25-26 Alleged major Extortion by Roger Hegarty aka Roger Allen Stewart and sex worker Michelle
World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross to close the business to hide the secret. Links to Meteor showers for timing
2011 July Beaumont Children abductor I will allege was a man called Kel that came into the brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.             This man said he was the ex-President of the Nomads Gold Coast.
2011 November Peter William Schaffer aka Chop Schaffer and his wife Sonia allegedly stoodover on the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers under the direction of allegedly  Essam Nicola Gerges aka Egyptian Sam.
2012 February Essam Nicola Gerges said he had called his boys to Kings Cross ringing Sewe allegedly Sargent of Arms Eastern Suburbs Hells Angels, this was when 50-60 Hells Angels walked on Kings Cross.
2012 January 25 Quentin Vertigan first came to the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers, 2012 March Location of the compartment within the subfloor of the brothel was worked out
2012 March Federal Police said it was a good idea to search the brothel no search warrant was given by Police NSW
2012 July Senior 20 members of the Nomads moved to the Rebels
2012 Shannon Elliffe threatened defamation case.
Allegedly how the drug network has stayed hidden, as any exposing by these people would result within the defamation laws to stay hidden.
2012 December, The image of John Ibrahim as King of the Cross and the position on Darlinghurst Road outside the premises                               77 Darlinghurst Road, with Frank Amante to the left hand side of John Ibrahim
2012 The Kings Cross Sting is researching for  brain cancer in children DPIG  with the TAKe CoNTRoL of our own bodies
2013 June Donald Mackay’s dig for his body occurred out of Hay on a Lettuce Paddock.
Looking for a well, where allegedly he was placed back in July 1977, Moloch worshipping acts relate sometimes to the                                           nursery rhymes or old sayings of old.  "Needle in a hay stack"
9 February 2013 Chinese New Year,
As Peter Schaffer would tell me he worked for the asian grandmother.
There was 9 events that linked into an alleged moloch where allegedly puppets were utilised to worship the drug network.
Email evidence to the police.
Moloch Statue where the heat of the hands under  the god of Moloch offerings.  Sexual reference is part of a offering to Moloch
Believe me, when you hear Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said he turned a blindeye allegedly to the drug network,
where police on the information have like ICAC, PIC, Katie Edwards, Cherie Burton, Police Minister Gallagher, have sent letters to
me no further investigation, no wanting emails send via mail, allegedly this is perpurting the course of Justice.  When you allow drugs
by allegedly a cult, this cult has bought our alleged Funeral homes, transport companies, Ambulance services, Mining, allegedly manipulated
stockmarkets, calls for help police alleged as child's play, where people have shown bottoms to me all allegedly Hells Angels, where a blocking
of a road, where you must cross allegedly Hells Angels, Intimidation I have suffered allegedly Hells Angels, threatened to be killed, have had
phones ringing for years allegedly Hells angels.....
Do you like killings, murders, robberies, allegedly this cult Hells Angels , worship to Moloch is old testament, where years ago the book of the   bible was rewritten as the alleged mistake came out.  Or was the bible as written by 40 people telling us what to look out for as the                   satan worshipping was happening back in time.
Allegedly Hells Angels by alleged bribing to police for the drug running that is out of control
For every action we have a reaction.
So please with God's help, make allegedly Hells Angels a criminal gang world wide through the research, The Kings Cross Sting.
We need to care take, the amount the world economies is setting on the funds from allegedy Hells Angels is huge.
The Kings Cross Sting Reporting Author  Jennifer Stone,
The large pot for the payment of the drug network to continue will be an offering to Moloch
Crown casino Melbourne $32 Million was scammed via Poker play on about 15 March 2013, add up 636 or 5 for the numerology reference.

Kings Cross Pink Pussycat Club was at 36A Darlinghurst Road
X factor position

The alleged links to a Moloch will refer back to the bible and utilised like the Yellow
Yellow H6669 allegedly is Hebrew 666 (Devils Number) 9 for Abe Saffron his numerological number

How 'Yellow' Is Used In Scripture

Yellow is found in only four verses in scripture. The first three are in Leviticus where yellow is first found in reference
to our spiritually dead and dying condition:
Lev 13:29  If a man or woman have a plague upon the head or the beard;
Lev 13:30  Then the priest shall see the plague: and, behold, if it be in sight deeper than the skin; and there be in it a
yellow [H6669 - tsâhôb tsaw-obe'] thin hair; then the priest shall pronounce him unclean: it [is] a dry scall, [even]
a leprosy upon the head or beard.
Lev 13:32  And in the seventh day the priest shall look on the plague: and, behold, if the scall
spread not, and there be in it no yellow hair, and the scall be not in sight deeper than the skin;
Lev 13:33  He shall be shaven, but the scall shall he not shave; and the priest shall shut up
[him that hath] the scall seven days more:
Lev 13:34  And in the seventh day the priest shall look on the scall: and, behold, [if] the scall be not spread in the skin,
nor [be] in sight deeper than the skin; then the priest shall pronounce him clean: and he shall wash his clothes, and be clean.
Lev 13:35  But if the scall spread much in the skin after his cleansing;
Lev 13:36  Then the priest shall look on him: and, behold, if the scall be spread in the skin,
the priest shall not seek for yellow hair; he [is] unclean
Lev 13:37  But if the scall be in his sight at a stay, and that there is black hair grown up therein; the scall is healed, he is clean:
and the priest shall pronounce him clean.
Yellow Car within evidence for Juanita Nielsen, will be the link to the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Bible Parent Link
Jewish Holy Grail Abe Saffron, Phil The Jew

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