Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why was Abe Saffron black mailed?

Dear Sir,
I was asked tonight, if there was anywhere I thought from the police officer at Surry Hills.

There is differences on the plan to the building, one is in Room D behind the shower there is a triangle area which is quite big.

Abe Saffron's son, explained that Abe had been blackmailed. Was it to keep the brothel closed.  By closing the brothel and the club at 38A Darlinghurst Road it would've cost a lot to move the facilities.

The ladies toilets is heaps holder than the rest of the tiling, thou the tiling is very 80's.

There are brick lentils built which could be an area in Room F which is unusual.  Behind the mirror at the end of the hall way There could be a gap.  

There is an area in the office that is different to plans.

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