Monday, 14 October 2013

Claims of a conspiracy had little bearing on charges

I would like to draw your attention to the comment of 
"when District Court Judge Anthony Garling said her claims of a conspiracy had little bearing on the charges against her."

When your threatened to be killed and shot by the outlaw gang, the only people that can investigate the Police don't investigate the Outlaw gang.
This is where the Judge A Garling refused to enter character within the VICTIM, now this character is the evidence I collected on facebook of drug drops, killing spree's and balaclavas.

The VIC was turning by this gang from a princess to the Queen, with the necklace presented of the moon and star a symbolism for the devil.
Hells Angels represent themselves in many forms, 81, Gangs, and relationship to being the occult where the black magicK reins.  It was the link back in 1920 when Lodge J for the Scorpion started, J for Jewish control.  It's history where this Lodge J is the secret society that controlled the drug network in Australia from Kings Cross.

The evidence of the crime wraps around an occult system and the key is the black magicK

The bald guy that threatened me was the second guy in two days, he told me if I didn't go along I'd be shot, if I went to the Police or calling the Police I would be shot on Darlinghurst Road, He told me if the Police rang him I'd be shot when I would be pushed out the back entrance of the Police station I was terrified when the police let me out the back entrance I said the word extort Q363.

Stephen Alexander Lawyers receiving the Police file I have proof a letter from Alexander Lawyers

Crown Barrister Wagstaff knew about the alleged system, by the initials placed on the photo MCJ in that order.  

When your threatened to be murdered, not just by one puppet, I had two and this one guy with the bald head told me he was sent to fix up the problem down at Sparkling Chandeliers by John Ibrahim and Frank Amante.  This was because I refused to pay extortion money.  He would tell the police that nothing was wrong and this occurred on the 13 February 2013 where I was in fear of my life.

I told the police, I have told people about the murders where 5 bodies are found, 1 goes missing and the 4th compartment.  

Ritual for the initiation, the people wore black glasses, Sex worker Michelle 26 July 2011, Roger Hegarty that threatened to murder me on the 26 July 2011/27th night, he came back in Feb 2012 with black glasses on, Mary  the witness that took the stand and then appeared after court on facebook with the 81 on her neck

What I have been saying is I was setup, the Judge said when I started on that theme in the Court proceedings, that I could not go that way within the evidence.  It was not allowed.  I felt it was disgusting, as this Judge was working with this alleged Hells Angels ritual for the 81 to gain as within his judgment a figure he spoke of $1350.00.

The Police all they have to do is do a DNA on the condom which will prove the VIC never had sex in Room G.

The Police all they have to do is ask to see the Original red book within the exhibits marked G that was delivered to the Court on the 4 July 2013 and by what I was told was going to be in Kings Cross for the scorpion to hold that night.  This would allegedly prove that there was corruption within the court.

Then the way the Crown asked for the initials to be placed on the image within the court however this image was not tendered as evidence with the MCJ will then be another link as to alleged system of this gang.  Where is this image with the scorpion?

These people that came into the brothel all knew the system to what they had to say.  However the Police never interviewed Gonzo Room D as he is allegedly an associate of Hells Angels high above and could be known as the Golden Scorpion for the Golden Dawn within the Order of the secret society.

When you don't sell drugs, or even use drugs, this brothel the only way this gang can hide the secret is to allegedly setup people within the ritual under Aleister Crowley where no sex happens within the sex temple of the Scorpion Play 66.
3 Guilties are needed.

The 3 acts, 26 July, 2011 the VIC came in after I refused to pay extortion money.
27 July 2011 the threats to murder me
28 July 2011 the VIC came back, everyone within the brothel knew as they all take drugs or sell drugs and I was caught where I didn't know where to go when the Police couldn't see the threats to murder me when the guy was within the brothel and he told  the police everything was okay.  I was just a bit beside myself he told them or words to that effect.  The police came to the premises, I went to the Police station surry Hills 27 July 2011, that afternoon the Police came again, and that's when Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam told them everything was okay.  He was threatening me by about 7.30pm with his ice pipe going he was in the back office behind the counter.  The CCTV held by Police will show this.

Within the Occult, orange is the colour for magicK, the meaning I allegedly succeeded.  The necklace came after court of the moon and star, allegedly turkish star, alleged ice is the turkey for the Muslims.  VIC, called her self, Eliza after the Queen Elizabeth that they were overthrowing in the ritual of Drury House the name of the building where the brothel is.

This is how gangs work, they utilise puppets.  How can you stop the puppets, when these  people Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam where they are protected by the system of the drug network in Kings Cross.

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