Friday, 11 October 2013

Email 28 January 2013 Email to the government

Jennifer <>
to: Amanda Dench <>,,,,
date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 9:51 PM
I attached Felony one by Michael Laut.

Email about water leaks, well I have a fair few that I have sent into the police about the leaks, written and verbal complaints where the water is the alleged child's play to close the brothel.

Porky's brothel needs to be checked as to the occupation under Council laws as it is not approved within the DA for Dreamgirls?
Allegedly Hugh Bond, is one of the characters where he allegedly is a drug dealer has been working in the backs of brothels dealing as he explained to me about The Golden Apple which Mark Gray owned and Hugh Bond was putting a claim against through the courts for half owner because allegedly he was the drug dealer.  However this message concerned me about speaking so openly about getting rid of someone just like it  allegedly can happen by a third person out of the state at the time.  He works for his friend, Johnny Unique he calls  John Ibrahim.

The push on myself continued since July 2012 where I asked the police on the opening of Donald Mackay with the reward money to search the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers.

I will be praying tonight for a search warrant.  Juanita Nielsen was a decent lady, the Beaumont Children did nothing wrong however this gang under Abe Saffron allegedly still have the this operation of underage child prostitutes.  Donald Mackay a MP to be, it's not hard to uncover the largest criminal organisation allegedly Hells Angels and the connection to through the companies allegedly TYVO Ltd  and allegedly Eabona Pty Ltd the two companies that rule the drug empire and create the balance of power of Kings Cross to the President of Hells Angels without linking to the gang, pretty clever isn't it.

Why didn't the Royal Commission in 1994 pick this up?  Alleged Police Corruption.

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