Sunday, 6 October 2013

What a Royal Commission would do?

What a Royal Commission will do for society.
Lets bring in the Insulation program and many of the others where this has helped fuel the coffers of the outlaw gang.
Eg.  A one Insulation  Hells Angels link to alleged Bondi Ink Tattoo Shop   I have seen the link personally.
A one Insulation George, still owe me $70k and probably many others will owe decent people money as the system works you couldn’t chase the money, they have no assets, fled the area, if you picked where they lived then they moved.  It goes on,
People are terrified of alleged links with bikies however they are everywhere by what I have found.
2.  The tattoo shops and links with outlaw gangs
3.  The shootings all over Sydney
4.  The company *The Hells Angels Ltd where I have seen this has been hidden within the history of Kings Cross for the controlling of the Kings Cross area for the criminal mind.
5.  If the Royal Commission finds that the insultation money or a link with a bikie or outlaw gang than Hells Angels itself could be deemed to be repairing the money to the Australian Government.
6.  The Courtcase Mark Catchpole and Scott Miller the question I would ask were you in a relationship or knew the person Karyn Englehardt?
7.  Frank Amante?
8.  Ibrahim Family and many more you will find will need to come forward?  How does The King of the Cross work?  Is this allegedly the King of what?
9.  I opened the Juanita Nielsen case
10.  I gave links for the Donald Mackay case
11.  I gave links for the Beaumont Children case
12.  I have given links to the majority of the Outlaw gang moving steroids, heroin, cocaine, and ice in Sydney.
13.  I have given links where the unemployment benefits and the drug movements and runners are being fuelled by the government.
14.  Under age where the law needs to be changed to stop this Child’s play that the outlaw gangs move with.
15.  The push on the Brothel Sparkling Chandeliers and the revelance to the Woods Commission with KX 1 and KX 6
16.  The destroying of the gang, will be by stopping the funds and making them responsible for the actions…not just create child’s play.
17.  The banning people on parole from Going to Kings Cross, will have to include some use to stop phone useage as this doesn’t stop them ruling the drug industry due to the links to the puppets and the many puppets that come along wanting to earn good money.
18.  What I have done, well the police will have a name for me, maybe the Wild Madame X is by one lady.  You will find I have exposed more with a open file about Kings Cross Police and more I believe will happen.
If the powers of the government have a right to call a Royal Commission, I beg of you please do this to stop the shootings all over Sydney.
Without the powers of a Royal Commission the Outlaw gangs have won.
Jennifer Weatherstone

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