Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Why was a Police file sent to Stephen Alexanders lawyers? John Ibrahim?

Kings Cross Police have the file.

The whole of the file was sent without approval by myself to Stephen Alexander lawyers allegedly John Ibrahim Solicitor?  I ask why?

New South Wales Government
Police Integrity Commission
PIC Hom e > Reporting Misconduct > Report Police Misconduct
You have submitted the following information:
Personal Details (Optional)
Your first name(s): Jennifer
Your surname: Weatherstone
Your residential address:
Your postal address:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Details of Conduct or Incident
What is the name of the police officer involved?
If more than one police officer was involved,
please provide their names.
Police took a file Police Vs Jennifer Weatherstone and gave file
without my permission or my barristers to Stephen Alexander Lawyers
In which police station or command does the
police officer work? If more than one police
officer was involved, please indicate the
stations or commands where they work.
dont know
Are there other witnesses to the incident or
conduct you are reporting? Is there any other
evidence of the incident or conduct you are
Letter from Alexanders Lawyers reference no. SA/AM dated 23
December 2011
Please describe the incident or conduct you
wish to report.
When did the incident or conduct occur? If
you don't know exact dates, it's OK to
include approximations, eg July 2007.
Where did the conduct or incident occur?
If you don't know precise addresses or
locations, it's OK to give street names,
suburbs or general locations
The police file was given to Alexanders Lawyers, I am a Madame in
Kings Cross. I believe it was so that the lawyers for the Ibrahims can
go through the evidence to see if it implies any one that could be
affected by the evidence involved.
Have you contacted the PIC about your
complaint previously?
Has your complaint been lodged with another
government agency?
If yes, which agency?
Date submitted: Sunday, 8 July 2012 7:51:52 PM

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