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Karyn Englehardt the system uncovered.

Karyn Englehardt
Karyn Englehardt is blonde hair, blue dress, lambswool Jacket.
27 July 2011, Karyn Englehardt with a man known as Rod Raffout on facebook name he said he was with Triads.  That I was told to operate the premises Known as Sparkling Chandeliers I had to pay $1000 to $2500 per week for protection money to a gang at Leichhardt way.  That they would organise it.
Karyn Englehardt has been heavily involved with the mob that has attacked me in Kings Cross allegedly Hells Angels.  Has worked with Peter Schaffer for years I was told, they were business partners.  The only business that I saw them working was the alleged drug and fraud industry.
Peter Schaffer had told me  he was watching the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers from the start.
Whilst Peter Schaffer is in jail, his wife Sonia Schaffer has been seen with Sammy Sweet
Karyn Englehardt, said she turned up at Porky’s Brothel 77 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross on the first night we opened  1st April 2011.  I will take that she was sent to there to watch.
Under the works of Aleister Crowley, Herimetic Thelema Organisation will wear blue clothing.  Karyn Englehardt is wearing blue clothing. 
Karyn Englehardt is also known as allegedly Black Swan as to her position within the organisation .
Karyn Englehardt was working with sex worker Michelle /Diedre Palmerston on the push on the brothel and may have been one of the child groomers within the police case of Police Vs Weatherstone and the VIC matter. 
Karyn Englehardt will be on the CCTV that is held within the Police matter Police Vs Weatherstone, VIC.
Karyn Englehardt came to the brothel,  the threats to kill me by Roger Hegarty on the 26 July 2011 where I called the Police 000.  Karyn Englehardt was inside the brothel.  You will be able to know when she turned up by the red exercise book in the Police Vs Weatherstone  Skye is Karyn’s working name.  Police took 2.5 hours to turn up even thou the position of the brothel is only 80 metres away from the Kings Cross Police Station.  The attending Police Officer that turned up after the 000 phone call said that he knew Roger Hegarty he was a friend.
After sex worker Michelle and Roger’s threats and actions, Karyn Englehardt came with me to the Downing Centre Court to enquiry about a AVO 27.7.11, and to Surry Hills Police station where I was referred to by the Courts to have a AVO put on Roger Hegarty by the police in this matter.  The police officer Kellie Woodley Surry Hills was looking after.
Constable Hyde Kings Cross Police received information he requested for a Police intervention Order to be placed on  Roger Hegarty aka Roger Allan Stewart however the information was given to his boss he told me and then it has been the same nothing happened.
Roger Hegarty is a drug dealer and was feeding his working girls Sex worker Michelle, Larissa Goodman sex workers name Taylor, and Misty Allen, sex worker Mia with drugs, Erica sex worker.
Sex Worker Michelle and Roger Hegarty asked for 100k protection on the 1st April 2011 and  it continued.  Sex Worker Michelle was in the brothel in March 2011  all the time bringing the heavies with her.
From the 25 July 2012, Roger Hegarty’s asking for money was escalating  this had started on the first night we opened with Roger Hegarty and sex worker Michelle asking for $100k to give to  John Ibrahim.
Sex worker Michelle, went to Porky’s after I refused to pay.  This is where I believe that sex worker Michelle got VIC. 
By the Police officer Alana Mackenzie she had seen VIC on three other occasions.
CCTV of Darlinghurst  Road will show for certain where VIC came from that night into the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers, remember she was drinking alcohol and was intoxicated when she arrived at the premises on the 26 July /27 July 2011, Karyn Englehardt was working that night at the brothel.  By the footage of the CCTV in house  you will see where she is during this time.
27 July 2011 after going to the Courts and Police Station with Karyn Englehardt who made out that she herself had an AVO on Roger Hegarty came back in that night to the brothel and with the next gentlemen after she  came in, Rod Raffout and Karyn Englehardt asked for protection money, I will allege it’s extortion money.  They made out that they can keep people away like Roger from the brothel they entered the lounge area Room B of the brothel by plan. During that time Alex was at the front desk, he wasn’t giving this pair any time of the day.
Alex had previously had been asked too for rent as Roger Hegarty had put it some time before and this pushed had continued on him also.  Rent protection money is sometimes called now.  They utilise the theory pay us and we stay away, however we did pay all the time the moneey was going to the heavies as they would ask threatening.
28 July 2011, Karyn Englehardt had renovated Room C, with the gold, feathers and satin look.  I will further allege that Karyn and Greek Sammy had talked about Gonzo from the night before that he was coming to Kings Cross.  Did Karyn Englehardt buy the feathers  and had them on hand for VIC?  As the feathers that VIC had were different as to what was in  the brothel.  The feathers that VIC took into the police station had tinsel within them?  You will be able to see the type of feathers within the brothel from the  video footage of the drug raid that happened a  couple of days later on.  The Room C should be checked on the footage which is the first room on the left on the first hallway.
You will see for the drug raid, that Karyn Englehardt was not on the premises, neither was Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet..  Since I was told that Greek Sammy knew the drug raid was happening.  The only person in the brothel with me I think by memory was Misty Allen, as she was charged with drugs in her bag.  Larissa Goodman was already at the police station that day on charges of drugs.
Gonzo was one of Karyn’s special clients.  I will further allege that Gonzo is the Circus Bar person on facebook and is associated with Karyn’s facebook page which has about 6000 people attached.
I will further allege if you look at his features on the CCTV and the images of Michael J. Hand that was involved with the Bourbon and Beef and the Nuggan Hand Bank you will see similarities.
Over the period from the 26 July 2011, Roger Hegarty left as the local drug dealer for the  working girls and Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet turned up said he was sent by Frank Amante and John Ibrahim to fix the problem up here in the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers.
This allegedly was the person that Karyn Englehardt was going to work with further intimidating me and the extortion attempts on the brothel.
Greek Sammy/ Sammy Sweet you will note by the CCTV cleaned  the brothel, like he was looking for something?  Allegedly the hideout of where Juanita Nielsen is hidden within the premises?
Sammy Sweet took over Room F like his own with his girlfriend he said of Misty Allen.
Misty Allen took G, Ice within the brothel and was fed from when the VIC matter she never earnt any money till I kicked her out which took weeks due to the drugs and the sleeping.  I will further allege that this was the payback for the work in the brothel on the day that VIC came into the brothel on the 28 July 2011.
Karyn Englehardt during the day of the 28 July 2011 was asking me to ring the girls, you will see her on the CCTV footage at the end of the hall talking to me that was to push me to ring the girl.  I noted that when I rang the number they didn’t answer.  On each time they rang back.
I actually wasn’t chasing the girls as  you get many turn up drunk, like on a night out and a dare to come into the brothel.  It was only that Karyn was pushing.
The night before this Karyn and Greek Sammy had pushed that they were in control of the brothel, you can’t call the police they will do nothing for you Jenny.  Which by the CCTV footage of Roger Hegarty hitting  a working girl called Kat at reception   the police came in and nothing.  I couldn’t do a thing you will see this on the CCTV on the footage held within the Police Vs Weatherstone Matter.  I did report to ICAC at the time, yet it’s the departments and where to report that is hard for the effect.
Yet over the period of time, I have found that everything had to go through Kings Cross Police station and I believed that was my problem.  The dead ends, the police that weren’t interested like Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said to me on the 7 December 2011 opening Juanita Nielsen murder up with the information I had provided, that he was not worried about that sort of behaviour in Kings Cross it gave him a job.  Wow, did he turn a blind eye  by this answer to me and further utilised allegedly the part of the Police act 141 (a) to stop further investigations into any matter that I raised  due  to the thugs and the Hells Angels on to the brothel.
You will see that Karyn Englehardt had during the day talked to Misty Allen a lot, Gonzo was in Room D.  The book shows that there was nothing for the house by the Police Vs Weatherstone VIC.
You will see by the footage  that at 6pm, the time VIC said she was needed in the brothel by her statement, that Karyn Englehardt and Greek Sammy were not in the brothel.  Allegedly than there would be no links.
VIC came into the brothel, Karyn was not there.  Yet shortly after Greek Sammy came in with Alex the tattoo was different on his hand from a faded tattoo to a bright red makeup tattoo.  Thou Sammy Sweet called him Alex, he wasn’t at that time Alex Petrovic.
By the CCTV footage on Darlinghurst Road, you will be able to see who was with VIC, where she came from and where she went after.  By VIC’s statement she was sucking a dick crossing Darlinghurst Road,  Allegedly I am sure this will not be found on the CCTV footage.
VIC within her statement on the 26 July said that she was with 2 indians and a American.  Allegedly to set me  up,  she was meeting the guys that they were sending into the brothel.
VIC I will further allege has been involved with Hells Angels prior to this, due to the working at Porky’s on that night.  By facebook evidence I have collected she was a pole dancer from June 2011.
I will further allege that the age VIC was the part of the law she was aware fully that she would not get into trouble.  As her friend left when The man had yelled about  if your under 18 please leave the premises.  VIC’s friend Mary Miller another person with links to the Hells Angels and to further extortion attempts with underage workers through allegedly Debra Miller, Claudia Dent, Essam Nicola Gerges.
Essam Gerges painted the wall in Room F where allegedly Juanita Nielsen’s body is hidden.  Essam Nicola Gerges said he was the gunman for the Bayeh’s to me.
VIC within her statement knew there was  Jennifer and two guys.  One of those guys is Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet who  VIC was taken by Misty Allen to Room F after I was refusing her and the guy with Sammy Sweet was to work.  This was because the ID she showed me I wasn’t taking, VIC was taken to Room F to show Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam the ID.
When was returned to the front desk, Misty Allen said all good to work.
Under the law of the sex worker, it is not mandatory to show the brothel owner ID, as many of the working girls need immunity as being a sex worker they for some are getting unemployment or single mothers pensions and working.
Remember  we had been threatened with death on the 26 July 2011 by Roger Hegarty and this continued with Sammy Sweet/Greek Sammy.
The Disputed facts, of who was in charge of the brothel, is huge as when your undersiege and the alleged gang is Hells Angels.
Karyn Englehardt by her facebook I believe gained Gonzo to the premises, yet he too could’ve been a setup by the fact he looks like Michael J. Hand from the Nuggan Hand Bank and was only at the brothel to help keep it shut allegedly to stop the uncovering of the hiding spot of Juanita Nielsen that was thought out by the alleged CIA Houghton and Hand as never being uncovered if the premises was kept shut.
VIC’s statement made much to do about the dog, this dog is Karyn Englehardt’s dog yet it’s 16 years old and hardly could move.  The dog I will further allege by the mob is the past again revisted as in the era of Madame Tilly Devine there was a dog that was stolen.  This dog Karyn Englehardt did have stolen just weeks later and blamed me for it which I wasn’t even around Kings Cross during that period of time.
A dog is part of the Aleister Crowley links to his works.  Aleister Crowley
You will by the CCTV see that the dog was not in Room G.
You will see by the drug raid video of the Police that Room D does not have a television that VIC said there was one in her statement.
By image, Frank Amante owner of Porky’s had on Easter Saturday night a guy on his table like the person in the police images within the Brothel from the CCTV.   Karyn Englehardt’s face book.  Michael J Hand.  Image similar with age to Gonzo. I believe is Gonzo’s facebook and is attached to Karyn Englehardt.
By Karyn Englehardt, I was told was deported however it's just a ploy to allegedly not be linked with child grooming offences for VIC and further extortion offences of the brothel.
I will go back to the Kings Cross Sting excel sheet how the alleged gang Hells Angels  members and associates.

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