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Email to the Prime Minister 14 October 2013 Attorney General of NSW response

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Submitted on Monday, 14 October 2013 - 8:01pm

Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: Weatherstone
Email address:
Your address: 63A Kyle Parade, Kyle Bay, NSW, 2221
Subject: Letter to the Governor General of Australia and NSW
I have sent these ministers the email, in most cases, the email now is
blocked.  Yet all we need is Kings Crosss Police to further investigate.
There is a hidden compartment.  I was told the Judge A Garling would issue
the  search warrant however the Police are the only ones that can ask and
they haven't asked.

I have been threatened to where I was living shaking for my life by this
outlaw gang.  I have had guys terrorising me, extorting  me for money where I
feared for my life.  I was told it's just a phone call for the thugs to come
at me again.

I was told if I attended my son's engagement there would be a shooting.  I
never attended because the Police couldn't see  these thugs.  Why? Because
they were protected within the system.

I had the Attorney General NSW today send me back he can not investigate the
Police.  Where there  is an injustice, well no action could be classified as
corruption.  Well it's the blind eye and the drug network wins.  The outlaw
gang wins.  These are the people shooting on the streets.
I have had kero bombs at home all for the further intimidation for the
extortion to be paid.

However it'snot that hard for the Police to do a walk through of a premises
where this gang protects.  The Glebe Coroner stated in reply the Police
investigate however at all stages the Police have allegedly stopped because
it protected the premises they protected.

It's a underfloor hidden compartment.  By research this hidden compartment is
seen when it's pointed out and by this outlaw gang that is working through
the streets of Sydney with the drugs, just for the Police to search this
building would be first a walk through.  Just block the ladies emails because
that is easier than looking at what this gang is protecting.  They don't care
when the premises is shut however when it opens the gang terrorise the
people.Governor General, you  are above the legal system in NSW and
Australia.   I would request that you look into the file at Kings Cross
Police station as all information is referred back to Kings Cross on what
ever I say.  When I was threatened to be murdered, that guy the police
officer that attended said he was my friend.  The next guy told the Police
that it's okay.  I was threatened to be shot.  Sammy Sweet is the guy right
hand he calls himself to John Ibrahim.

Following is the response I received today from the Attorney General, Fraud I
had of over $18000 the guy is a drug runner working in Kings Cross and the
extortion which adds to about $1million dollars the police were told about 29
July 2011, I dialled  000 27 July 2011.  By the Police not investigating like
Detective Amanda Dench said on the Stand allowed this gang to  continue to
terrorise  me like a joke they have mad out I'm mad.

I just would like the Police to investigate further.  Juanita Nielsen
disappeared in 4 July 1975 the evidence Judge A Garling said it was nothing
just a novel however the Glebe Coroner and the Police started a file.
However to look at this hidden compartment that many of the outlaw gang know
about and protect will I believe destroy the outlaw gang.  It will not just
be for the alleged what ever is there it will expose the people that
threatened my life as conspiracy to hide the evidence.  This evidence should
link to the companies and control arm of the drug network.  Problem is that
this was the problem of corruption where the Police in action occurred back
for the Wood's Royal Commission 1994.

When the Attorney General states he can not force the Police to investigate.
Then when it's Kings Cross Police the problem just like back for the calling
of the Wood's Royal Commission what harm could it be for the Police to do a
walk thru with me within the premises?I have been a Justice of the Peace
since 1985, I have believed the threats to my life as they have been so real.
  If your life was threatened by thugs to what I have had where every last
dollar I have tried to save my life wouldn't you like the Police to further

Thank you for your emails dated 24, 25 and 30 September 2013 to the
Attorney General, the Hon Greg Smith SC MP, about the NSW Police Force.
The Attorney General has noted your correspondence and asked me to reply on
his behalf.
I regret to advise that the Attorney General has no role or authority to
investigate alleged crime, or to investigate concerns about the actions of
the NSW Police Force.  I have attached for your information a fact sheet
regarding complaints about police.

Should you require help with any legal problem you may have, I have also
attached a fact sheet about sources of legal advice.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.

Yours faithfully

for Director
Community Relations Unit
NSW Department of Attorney General & Justice
Locked Bag 5111, Parramatta NSW 2124

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