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Disputed facts.....Conspiracy is not a defence

Disputed facts
Crimes Act 1900 Section 91F(1)The police have assumed as Jennifer Weatherstone is the owner that she is in charge.  Allegedly with the threats from Roger Hegarty 26 July 2011 the control of the brothel had gone thru standover tactics to allegedly Hells Angels associates  Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam, Karyn Englehardt and Roger Hegarty on the outside of the brothel with others.
Crimes Act 1900 Section 91D(1)(a) Verbal agreement.  Reference to the Answer in VIC’s Statement showing that Jennifer was there with two managers.  The checking of the ID was VIC visited Room F where Allegedly Hells Angels Associate Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam and Misty Allen were in the room to check VIC’s Identification.  Remember Mrs Weatherstone had been for days living with the threats to murder her from these associates of Hells Angels.  Within the questions the police asked they never asked did someone else check the ID of the VIC.
The Police Mrs Weatherstone will allege have not fully investigated the matter where any relationship of alleged gang  member the police have taken the part of the Police Act 141 (a) of the Police Act.  The problems experienced in the brothel, were allegedly associated with Hells Angels and to close the brothel to hide allegedly the remains of Juanita Nielsen in the sub floor area from Room F to under the ladies toilets at the end of the 2nd hallway past the laundry.  This wall in Room F had a cream square painted by Essam Nicola Gerges allegedly Hells Angels Associate.
Full Facts.  2.14 Time 12.15am.  By CCTV Photograph evidence time is different. 
VIC’s Statement Penrith R0196145 Q99  A Line 8 Cause, Case I was too scared to walk out front of Jennifer and the other guy which is another manager too.
Jennifer Weatherstone’s Statement Kings Cross R0196113 Page 5 Q37 A.  Allegedly VIC was in fear of this person that came with her into the brothel on Tuesday/Wednesday night.
This person who is seen in the CCTV Police Photograph  Exhibit Photograph 1 with the cap on watching. Police Exhibit Photograph 7 the man is behind Jennifer.  This is the man that was continuating the terrorising from Roger Hegarty and sex worker Michelle had transferred to Karyn Englehardt.
Mrs Weatherstone’s statement Q330 Mia, Misty Allen and Karyn Englehardt had a talk with VIC .  VIC went to Room F to check ID with Misty Allen, Sammy Sweet/Greek Sammy was in the room
Mrs Weatherstone Statement Q362 when the phone number didn’t answer for VIC there was a change in her.  Allegedly threatened to be there?
Mrs Weatherstone Statement Q363 the word extort.  Mrs Weatherstone was threatened by death by Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam if I said the word extortion down at the police station he would know.  Greek Sammy said if that happens you will be pushed out the back door I can’t protect you Jenny you will be shot.  I was petrified when I was pushed out the back door by the police at Kings Cross Police Station.
Mrs Weatherstone Statement Q427 Another guy organizing to run the girls.  This same man Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet was the man, who Jennifer thought had seen the ID.  Because VIC refused to show Jennifer .  Allegedly the setup.
Mrs Weatherstone Statement Q501 Credit Card machine?  Why?  There is no data on the machine and the business could still operate after the charges.  I would ask the question why? 
Mrs Weatherstone statement refers to another guy organizing to run the girls at Q427 and VIC’s Statement said Jennifer and two guys.    Allegedly this other guy was to see the ID of VIC, Misty Allen took her down the hallway to Room F you will see that on CCTV.
26 July 2011 call to 000 and to Kings Cross Police station as threats to murder her by Roger Hegarty, a black man and sex worker Michelle, Diedre Palmerston.
Sex worker Michelle left after about 30 minutes and said she was going to Porky’s.
VIC and Cody Stephens with a guy came into the brothel by the CCTV you will see that VIC put down a cruiser prior to coming into the brothel on the ledge of the steps.
VIC, with Cody said they were looking for work.  I, Jennifer said no as too much alcohol and no identification. 
Many of the sex workers don’t want to show identification because they are single mothers, working in another life, not wanting to have this thrown back in their lives later on.
VIC said she was working down at Porky’s that night.  Cody and the guy both said that VIC was 18 nearly 19.  The other two people acknowledged she had just come from a job down at Porky’s to come up here.  (This will dispute the sex having been done in the last 7 days) CCTV Footage will show that. 
Within VIC’s statement she said she had been with 2 Indians and a American.  Yet the guy that came in with VIC was neither of that.
VIC talked to Mrs Weatherstone in both interviews talk about that.  Allegedly VIC did not fear Mrs Weatherstone, it was the other man in the brothel the bald guy Sammy Sweet.
Before VIC left, Sex worker Michelle was back at the brothel.  Sex worker Michelle did tell me about some underage workers hanging around yet they are alright, I’ve seen them down at Porky’s.
Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet turned up after this event on  the morning of the 27 July 2011.  By the CCTV footage from the brothel the police will see.  Sammy said he was sent by Frank Amante and John Ibrahim to sort this all out.
At about 4pm around Sammy Sweet left the brothel  after  a phone call from sex worker Michelle who Jennifer believes is in control of Roger Hegarty, known as Black Roger on the Strip.  To meet at the back of the Vegas Hotel.  This should be on some street footage.  This was allegedly the change over from Sex worker Michelle and Black Roger to Sammy Sweet.
27 July 2011  Sammy Sweet, had Karyn Englehardt turn up.  This was the change team.  Karyn Englehardt had come from Porky’s brothel.  Sammy Sweet had over the next couple of days Karyn Englehardt, sex worker Vanessa who is a boxer and asian you will see her on CCTV and a lady Hunter.  Both Vanessa as Justice  her sex name and Hunter came from a brothel out Bondi way.
Black Roger continued to  send guys into the brothel to pick up extortion money, some called it wages, this was reported to police, they were shown  the footage of guys coming and banging on the glass doors..  Some came up into the foyer which you will see on the CCTV.
Sammy Sweet came and stayed in Room F, he sometimes had working girls with him during this time.  All the working girls liked him as he was the local drug dealer.  I saw him with needles and mixing drugs into containers for Karyn Englehardt in Room E.  I saw him leave spoons with mixtures in Room F.  I noted that all the working girls were calling Sammy all the time for the need of drugs.
27 July 2011 Karyn Englehardt ended up with a client one of her own Gonzo.
This client is known for his drug usage on the strip and comes about once a month I was told.  Gonzo came in and was very sick after a while. 
Karyn Englehardt normally left in the afternoon and went to Haymarket where I thought she picked up drugs and delivered around on her way back to the brothel that night.
Karyn Englehardt asked in the lounge room Room B that night with another guy, I believe he is Rod Raffout for a figure of $1000 per week protection money and increasing.  She offered that would keep Black Roger away.  The business she would stay at and the problems would go away.
Again it was extortion, The guy with the Tattoo of makeup… was at the reception desk area when I returned out to talk to him.  I walked out of the room, you will see this on the CCTV.
Gonzo I believe is on facebook as a friend of Karyn Englehardt’s as Circus Bar.  By this Gonzo would know where to find her in Kings Cross.
Gonzo by the messages from Chop, Peter William Schaffer had details of footage about the sickness of Gonzo and drugs.  Peter Schaffer’s messages will make mention of taking CCTV recorders as this is the evidence that the police normally need to convict people.
28 July 2011  Karyn Englehardt in the day with Gonzo still in Room D ordered white wine by 3 bottles it is noted in the red exercise book.
It is also noted that Skye as Karyn Englehardt works under has received a cheque from Gonzo.
Then there is no noting of money within the red exercise book.
Karyn Englehardt, Misty Allen known as sex worker Mia, Greek Sammy had come and gone during that time.
Karyn Englehardt and Greek Sammy were in charge of the brothel.  The police if they were called well, where was the significant evidence they would have just denied and both had said that the police were in their pockets.  Karyn Englehardt referred to Constable Green at Kings Cross Police station even showing she had his mobile number on her phone.
During the day, remembering with a phone call from Karyn Englehardt, Black Roger would be in the brothel as he was waiting at the shop area of Lady Muck in the lane as Karyn had mentioned to Jennifer during this day.  Still with the threatening to be kept up.
Karyn Englehardt had asked Jennifer to ring the young girl’s phone number.  And had asked several times during this day.  Not once during these calls were the phone answered they rang back into the phone of the brothel or my mobile number.
Many of the working girls say they will turn up and never do.  By July, 2011 I wasn’t ringing anyone however the threats to my life and the police doing nothing about it had me concerned for my safety.
Karyn Englehardt left in the afternoon I, Jennifer believed for the drugs like had happened and to Haymarket.
Misty Allen was left with Gonzo in Room D, during this time you will see she came out to the brothel reception a lot asking for drugs.  Which I didn’t have.  I explained that Sammy Sweet or Karyn would be her best bet.
Misty Allen on the CCTV will show she spent a lot of time at the reception area allegedly watching.
If you go by VIC’s statement she should have been at the brothel at 6pm.  If you go to the CCTV footage, during this time it was just Jennifer, Misty Allen and Gonzo at the brothel and no work on the books.  Karyn Englehardt had taken charge of the brothel.
Well, the cheque money was going to Karyn Englehardt (Skye) and the mentioning of no payments on the page for Misty Allen during this time it was sorted out by the working girls.
Greek Sammy / Sammy Sweet was in charge of the brothel when he was around.  Yet it was Karyn Englehardt that asked for money.  Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet would collect the house money which I gave to Alex and they would fight about it.  We were both finding ourselves in a problem and the police, well they did nothing when Black Roger hit a lady Kat at reception that Jennifer put into ICAC about this was to prove to Jennifer that he had protection with the Police in Kings Cross.  You will find that on the CCTV of the brothel.
Within VIC’s statement it shows that Jennifer had two guys.
The two guys, now one of those Guy’s Jennifer made mention about.  However the guy that the police allowed to walk out of Room F as a client was the extorting person too.  He was in charge of the brothel, VIC made mention about the two guys.
Now Jennifer didn’t have Sammy Sweet down on the books of the brothel?  He wasn’t a client.
You can look at the CCTV footage you will see that Sammy Sweet came back in the brothel and blocked the access for VIC just watching.
You can continue to see the footage where Greek Sammy was yelling to have the working girl VIC to stay.
You will see that the guy with the Makeup tattoo on his hand was at the reception desk yelling at the two girls of VIC and Mary Miller  and Mary Miller left. 
VIC then was showing her facebook page with identification of the date, this Jennifer didn’t take as the Identification.  Misty Allen took VIC down to Room F to see Sammy Sweet this will be on the CCTV.
Now, the disputed facts, the brothel was undersiege.  The extortion attempts that Roger Hegarty and Sex worker Michelle had started in March 2011 from $100k to $10000 to various amounts per week.  To these two utiliising the brothel as  a half way house for the drug dealing they were doing along Darlinghurst Road.
The police calls for help from Jennifer 000 and to Kings Cross Police.
The AVO that Jennifer put on Roger Hegarty personally out of the desperation of the police didn’t do where I, Jennifer thought  the police would have.
Now, Jennifer had seen the facebook identification.  You will see by the CCTV that Jenniifer was moving the computer towards VIC to see.  Yet when VIC was brought back to the office she had to work by the nod of Misty Allen.
The disputed charge of the premises is who was in control.  When your threatened by death, you call the police.  Yet it’s allegedly Hells Angels the members or associates were that were surrounding Jennifer and Alex in the brothel.
Now, when Detective Elizabeth Dean at Hurstville had interviewed VIC , did she note that VIC was with 2 Indians and a American in Kings Cross on the 26 July 2011 and the black skinned man could allegedly have been one of those guys?
Detective Elizabeth Dean, by VIC’s statement said that Jennifer had two guys.  Why wasn’t more questions asked of Jennifer about  the second guy?
Why was the second guy allowed to leave the brothel?  Allegedly a protected person in Kings Cross by being in Room F gives him a cover within the brothel of being a client rather than of having this brothel undersiege.
Karyn Englehardt had told Jennifer numerous times by text over the months that the brothel was undersiege that extortion money would need to be paid.
Detective Elizabeth Dean on meeting Jennifer at Hurstville police station did not ask Jennifer what was the problem?  Why she had a terrible couple of weeks prior as mentioned in her police handbook for the event.
Remember Kings Cross Police would tell Sammy Sweet everything on the matter if Jennifer said the word extortion at the police yet for Hurstville Police ?  Jennifer was still worried about the life and death that had been terrorised to her.

It was life or death.

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