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Unsolved murders, asking the Courts for the searching of the premises to uncover the bodies Please support.

On September 2012, the email was sent, however this gang is huge...How huge?  Why Police Non investigating?

Subject: Attention Detective Amanda Dench
To: secretariat <>

Police Vs Weatherstone.

If the police has not actioned this I will be asking the courts on the 12 October 2012 in the district Court for the premises known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross be searched for the remains of Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, with the same area as Juanita Nielsen holding the Beaumont Child Grant.  I will further that the Beaumont girls will have been utilised for child prostitution.

The searching of the brothel is very important to the case Police Vs Weatherstone as this discovery of the bodies will prove the motive and the heavies in Roslyn Street in July 2011 Police Intelligence as a reason for this presence.

The Heavies of the Hells Angels Essam Nicola Gerges and his son Sewe from Eastern Suburbs Chapter Hells Angels intimidated and terrorised me further from November 2011 and has since continued with Peter William Schaffer to keep the brothel shut and to hide the remains that have been placed in the area of the brothel where Essam Gerges painted the wall in Room F in Cream square to a location below the floor in the ladies toilets.

Essam Gerges, further in January 2012 onwards brought a sex worker into the brothel for further alleged organising of Child prostitutes Debra Miller who is connected to the Mary  mentioned in VIC Statement and in images on the CCTV.  The alleged payment to VIC is noted on the  Timeline and goods.  The fact that she was under 15 the part of the law where Hells  Angels utilise to terrorise and intimidate Child's play as VIC knew she would not be charged as under the law.

I have asked John Ibrahim to join me as he was 5 years old when Juanita Nielsen disappeared.  Allegedly Juanita Nielsen was exposing the company The Hells Angels Ltd and since he is the King of the Cross allegedly will know that the brothel was Abe Saffron's burial grounds for problems to remain unsolved till now.  All prior people to me in the brothel were allegedly selling drugs.  I wasn't.  We were working on turning this into a museum as the  history of the premises was what we were after, Madame Tilly Devine first user of the apartment, then William Dobell, Abe Saffron and then the Royal Commission history  of the brothel with the first Pink Pussycat Club is very important to Kings Cross.

Look at the logo, of Sparkling Chandeliers, a cocktail glass for the Pink Pussycat Club and Sparkling Chandeliers after Tilly Devine who always had a Sparkling Chandeliers over her dining room table.

The part where VIC statement shows that Jennifer had two guys show that the guy in Room F and had been on the CCTV images with VIC show that he was in control of the situtation.

The Kings Cross Sting, where it shows the people have gone back to alleged outlaw gang associates.

The fact that the police file went to Stephen Alexander Lawyers with confirmation by letter to Jennifer allegedly to monitor that the case did not touch on his clients.

John Peluso Barrister advised me on the 15 August 2012 that Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet in the CCTV and the guy mentioned within Courtney's statement is a protected person and you can't do anything about it.

The question is why would the heavies in July 2011 in Roslyn Street on Police Intelligence relate to the time Bill Bayeh was out of goal and aware  that the brothel had the body of Juanita as the Bayeh's by the Royal Commission had the security from The Pink Pussycat Club to Love Machine which is from 36A Darlinghurst to Love Machine the Golden Mile.

July 2011 the threats to murder me by Roger Hegarty allegedly Hells Angel puppet yet he was replaced by Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam and is the 2nd guy within Police statement.

Yet without searching the brothel, the Court system and the police are not being fair with the continuation of Hells Angels to continue to close the brothel after the Police Charges.

All to close the brothel and hide the remains of allegedly Juanita Nielsen.

Juanita Nielsen,

The references in history to a police search on about 22 July 1975 shows that the police didn't think that Juanita went far away from Kings Cross.

The references within the novels of Barry Ward and Tony Reeves books about Juanita Nielsen show they believed that her disappearance was in a building close by to the Carousel Club.

You will note that this was a brothel at the time, and a area with beds which is in a similar area to Barry Ward and Tony Reeves thought.

The Brothel was only accessed during that period via the fire stairs and was the very first Pink Pussycat Club in 1958 which Abe Saffron had and then closed and utilised the fire exit for the hidden gambling and prostitution from the Kitten Club and the Willow Cafe.

The history of 1971 Shirley Briffman I believe was when the thugs came to harass her and she paid the police for further protection.

The 1985-6 When the brothel S. Hardas paid the police I will further allege that this was for more Police protection as noted in the Royal Commission Madame Butterfly visited by heavies.

The police can't just treat this as a cold case, through the current police charges pending that intimidation, the threats to murder, extortion have all come about to close  the brothel to hide the remains of Juanita Nielsen.

Researching Kings Cross since 2009 for the information for a Museum for Kings Cross.  I am not a gang member, nor a thug or attached to a gang and this is the first time that the gangs and I have met I have never been able to understand why the police never investigated further the word extort on my statement interview, or my reply of having a couple of bad weeks to Detective Elizabeth Dean, I forgot its the system and how Hells Angels works where under 141 (a) no further investigation is utilised to allegedly hide any association.

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