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Setup? How the gang ambush you and the Police don't or won't investigate.....

Allegedly this person Sammy Sweet or Greek Sammy had come into the brothel after the extortion attempts had been raised to threats of murder by others allegedly under the puppet scenario.
Allegedly these were about extortion, threats to be murdered, running drugs, the police in his pocket, the working girls he owns through the drugs, the ability that you cannot operate the business without me in the business.
Allegedly the threats to murder Jennifer by Roger Hegarty had an AVO laid by the court.
Allegedly the next day Greek Sam turned up and one day later his working girl known as Skye real name Karyn Englehardt turned up at the brothel.
Within a day, Karyn Englehardt had moved from Porky’s brothel to Budget Hotel and then into Sparkling Chandeliers.
Allegedly during a couple of day this same person Greek Sammy had many of the working girls back in the brothel including sex worker Michelle who had asked for money on the very first day of opening $100k to give to John Ibrahim.  Allegedly Michelle asked with Roger Hegarty this day of the first day open in walking up the stairs and in the foyer of Sparkling Chandeliers.
Allegedly, this same sex worker Michelle left the brothel after Roger Hegarty threatened to murder Jennifer and everyone in the brothel.
Allegedly sex worker Michelle left saying she was going to Porky’s.
Allegedly this night VIC arrived drinking an alcoholic drink that she left on the ledge outside the door at the top of the stair.
Allegedly by the evidence VIC told Jennifer she had been working at Porkys that night when she came in with Cody Stephens and another man.
Allegedly VIC, on that night made out to Jennifer that she was 18 nearly 19.  The other two people agreed with her that was with Jennifer.  Allegedly this was just hours after being threatened to be murdered.  The police took 2.5 hours to answer the 000 call from Jennifer and phone calls to Kings Cross Police Station.
Allegedly, as within VIC’s Police statement has acknowledged that she was telling people that she was 18 nearly 19 at the time of the events.
Allegedly VIC was asked for identification before working with Jennifer.
Allegedly Cody Stephens Jennifer said looked younger with a man with these two people that stood in the door way of Room H whilst they all talked.  Allegedly this was intimation through the ability for Jennifer to have just been threatened with murder.
Allegedly Greek Sammy or known as Sammy Sweet turned up at the brothel offering protection and telling Jennifer that he had been sent by Porky’s and Love Machine to help her out.
Allegedly Greek Sam over the days and nights tormented and allegedly further threatened Jennifer with people will murder you.  Allegedly if you say the word extortion in Kings Cross Police station I will be told quicker than you get out of the Police station and allegedly you will be killed.
Allegedly Greek Sammy was dealing drugs when Roger Hegarty was gone from the premises.
Allegedly Greek Sammy said his brother and him were in ownership on Love Machine, his brother had sold out just prior and they were looking for new premises to work from.
Allegedly, over a couple of days and nights with Jennifer constantly being asked for money and wages off Roger Hegarty and puppets in Kings Cross.  Allegedly many phone calls and texts all asking for money and wages.  Jennifer did over this time call the police.  Some of those events are on the footage held within the police video evidence.
Allegedly during this period of time Greek Sammy was terrorising Jennifer and Alex within the brothel.  Allegedly utilising working girls and others for puppet movements.
Allegedly the night before Greek Sammy had gone over the terror to Jennifer stating that he was the boss.  Allegedly Jennifer had to go along with Greek Sammy and could not do anything.  Allegedly Jennifer was powerless to the muscle and continued threats of death and asking for money.
Allegedly when VIC came in with another person, Jennifer was asking for Identification, all with her knowledge that Greek Sammy was the boss, Stand over tactics.
Allegedly the other person left when Alex look alike with the tattoo on the hand of makeup came stating that if your not 18 get out.  The girl knew she was too old to be in the brothel she would be charged.  However the Judge said she couldn’t get into trouble…why?
Allegedly the other girl left, however VIC stayed stating that Facebook was her identification.  CCTV will show Jennifer pushing the computer towards VIC to show her more.
45 minutes I tried to fight this gang with words.  I didn’t have strength and the gang was all around me the Police had done nothing to combat this with the 000 call.
Allegedly by VIC’s statement she talks about going to Room F and seeing two people one of those is allegedly this same person Greek Sammy. Allegedly VIC was taken by Misty Allen to Room F.  Evidence on the video will show this.
Allegedly VIC was to show Greek Sammy and Misty Allen the identification.  The police never asked did anyone else in the brothel was to see VIC’s identification.
When VIC and Misty Allen returned to the front desk. CCTV footage from within brothel will show.
Allegedly Jennifer  was aware that VIC was okay to work by Misty Allen.  Allegedly Jennifer believed that the identification was checked.  Allegedly over the period of time VIC had strutted in the foyer stating I am a prostitute during this time.
Allegedly VIC had a man and other ladies come and sit with her in the Lounge.  Allegedly by the positioning of cameras I will allege that the person that came in with the other young ladies knew where they were by his positioning in the foyer and not speaking to Jennifer.  The body language, the Judge said he wouldn’ take on the CCTV as evidence.
How does CCTV footage work when the Judges don’t understand body language.
I will Allege that this person is an outlaw gang associate and was with the young ladies to terrorise them into doing this child’s play under the alleged laws of the state. 
Allegedly under the age 15 which it appeared VIC was, it is not an offense to her to be in the premises or allegedly working in this industry.  Allegedly, this part of the law was utilised as child’s play for VIC and no criminal actions would occur through this child’s play.
Allegedly the police allowed Greek Sammy out of the brothel first.
I was so pleased when my Alex came back into the brothel.  You could tell by the tattoo.
Allegedly the police had Greek Sammy, Alex, Jennifer, Karyn Englehardt and Misty Allen in the foyer in the morning.
Allegedly the police never searched Greek Sammy otherwise he and Karyn Englehardt allegedly both would have had drugs.  Within the drug bust at Sparkling Chandeliers Misty Allen was charged with drug offences just a couple of days later.

Relevant History
1948 Abe Saffron returned to Sydney
1966 Beaumont Children Disappearance Australia Day 26 January
1975    Hells Angels Sydney
1975   4 July Juanita Nielsen allegedly murdered  No body found shot
1977   15 July Donald Mackay allegedly murdered No body found shot
1975   *The Hells Angels Ltd company was listed through ASICS  This company is still in existence.  Is this why there was allegedly a * as there were two companies with the same name thus the * was created so the two companies could be started in 1975 in Melbourne and Sydney.
1985-86 Brothel Madame Butterfly’s was extorted heavily and never opened (now World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.)  It wasn’t against the owner Mr Hardas as he later went on to run and manage numerous clubs in Kings Cross.
1994-1997 Woods Royal Commission Police Corruption
Documented during the Woods Commission KX1 and KX6 about extortion on a brothel in Kings Cross known then as Madame Butterfly’s that never opened.  Allegedly this extortion was by Bayeh and Lennie McPherson also noted in evidence in the Royal Commission 1994.
2003 Madonna’s Mob came to Kings Cross opening the Brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross and buying the building Glowpave Pty Ltd
2006 Abe Saffron Died------Allegedly by Abe’s death was the end of the Hells Angels founders overseeing the Club…Allegedly, then it was the Ibrahim’s moving the companies to hide the company with the agreement with the drug world overseas.  This  company *The Hells Angels Ltd.
2006 Bandidos by intelliegence Parramatta Chapter tried to take over Kings Cross when Abe Saffron had past. Alleged Peter Schaffer, Felix Lyle  associates of this outlaw gang that further caused Jennifer problems with the brothel.
2010 Hells Angels  Chinatown  this was the change from the company that was started back with the mob allegedly from the meetings at the Chequers Club  Goulbourn St, during the 1975’s that Juanita Nielsen knew about. Whereabouts of the Mark Foy’s building where Juanita Nielsen worked prior to 1970.
2011 March 30 First extortion by sex worker Michelle asking $100k from World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers
2011 29 June Bill Bayeh released from goal for serving time as the Mastermind of the drug trafficking in Kings Cross….served 15 years.
2011  July 25-26 Alleged major Extortion by Roger Hegarty and sex worker Michelle  World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross to close the business to hide the secret.
I will add allegedly this was happening before July 1975 I will alleged this is the information Juanita Nielsen had on tapes that she carried in her handbag that would blow the top in the news.  The story she  was working on when she went missing on the 4 July 1975 from the Carousel Club a Abe Saffron owned club.
*1985-86 Madame Butterfly was under extortion and owned allegedly by Mr Steve Hardas.  Allegedly Mr Hardas paid police as reported within the Royal Commission 1994.  Mr Hardas later went on to Manage the, the Barrel 1987, Pink Pussycat 1988-89, Action Cinema (Oxford Street) 1988-91, Pink Panther 1990-91, Tabu 1990-92, Nugatties 1992-94, Illusions 1994. He also sub-leased Abe Saffron's property, the Budget Hotel, to KX11, a cocaine dealer, in 1993.
Jennifer will allege that the problem was with the brothel Madame Butterfly’s and not with the person Mr Hardas as he later went on to manage Clubs that were associated and owned by Mr Abe Saffron.
* Hardas says he was preparing to open the brothel/strip club to be called Madame Butterfly in 1985 when he had a visit from a Sydney legend, Leonard Arthur McPherson (b. May 19, 1921). With McPherson were Louie Bayeh and two other large men. Bayeh was described at a police tribunal in 1985 as a standover man and the legend's right hand. According to Hardas, they sought to put the fear on him. The message was that Hardas could only open it as a disco; that Con Kontorinakis had a monopoly on the brothel business in the Cross.
*1996 Bill Bayeh Royal Commission conviction running Heroin and Cocaine
* KX1 and KX6 both came from a brothel on Darlinghurst Road during the Royal Commission where Bill Bayeh was arrested.  The brothel Sparkling Chandeliers back then was being extorted and I have found every day I open the doors I was asked to pay protection money in 2011, 2012.  This some people don’t believe yet it has been a terrifying business to own.  The manipulating of working girls have been severe from a  Essam Gerges who explained with his authority that Sewe Hells Angels Ltd Eastern Suburbs Chapter needed $2500 per week for me to open the doors of a business, yet this manipulation when I wouldn’t pay went to greater lengths of having working sex girls giving directly the money by stepping the business.  I couldn’t believe it happened under my nose and the significant evidence. The people within the business of drugs and extortion, protection or some say promotion.  Many would say they were Johnny Unique’s friend asking for $100k.
*17 July 2011 Bill Bayeh released from Goal.  To work at Sydney Fruit Markets. I don’t believe anyone has seen him in Sydney Markets.  Is  it the company that allegedly bought the drugs from Griffith back in the day, along with the vegetables.  Conditions on Paraole, to not go near Kings Cross yet a mobile does and you can be anywhere.
In July 2011 Bill Bayeh came out of goal.
Police intelligence, Senior Bikies in Roslyn Street July 2011   
Allegedly, Inspector Ian McDonald and a Detectives from Gang squad on the 7 December 2011 at the opening of the Juanita Nielsen reopening into the alleged murder.  Told me things.  Alleged  with a hand raised to Darlinghurst Road, Inspector Ian McDonald said words to the affect that I should be in Double Bay.  I was allegedly the wrong type of person for Kings Cross.  Allegedly get out of the lease of the brothel and leave Kings Cross.  This with his hand raised up to Darlinghurst Road, gives me a job.  It gives the Detective a job, the solicitor, lawyers and Judges. 
The Detective beside Inspector Ian McDonald allegedly said that I should join some historical group.  In fact it was the research for my own court case and for the idea we had for a museum to Kings Cross that was prompting the research that was given to the police to open the court case into Juanita Nielsen.
I stated back:  So you turn a blind eye to up there.  You turn a blind eye to the drugs and corruption.  The Inspector and the Detective, were both allegedly explaining that this was Kings Cross and allowed up there.
I have had the brothel from 25 February 2011, I have looked upon the area for twelve months before.  I am not a drug user nor a member of a gang.  I thought the brothel wasn’t a bad prospect for business.  I did do calculations as to the need for 6 jobs a night to pay the bills.  I thought that was attainable through the people that I had already met.
During the period of time I would note, that the police would come and ask questions all allegedly fed by information given by police informants some allegedly were the same police informants that were asking for extortion money and terrorising me and others.
Allegedly Inspector McDonald explained that extortion money was a cost to factor in for Kings Cross.  I argued the point that extortion money was illegal and in 2003 I believed it was all stopped.  Since I have come to Kings Cross the extortion, protection or as some ask money for the promotion of the company is all in my mind by the alleged gang behind, some allegedly would say for the money to be given to John Ibrahim by sex worker Michelle.  By Roger Hegarty when he asked it was if you don’t pay you have 24 hours at the end of the 24 hours I was threatened with death and 000 call with other calls to Kings Cross took 2.5 hours for the police to attend a premises that is 5 minutes walk from Kings Cross Station.  The officer that turned up said, he knew the name that I said of the guy threatening.  This officer allegedly called Roger Hegarty a friend.
Allegedly I didn’t know that each person who was coming offering help and telling us about stories that had happened to others were all linked with the same gang.
Allegedly each person, who utilised drugs were linked by the drugs and the use of these drugs.  Allegedly, the drugs were given for free to some of the working girls during this period of time to cause problems to the brothel to force it to close to hide the secret.
Allegedly each person would talk about the 5th step in some way, or seeing ghosts within the brothel.  Allegedly some of the ghosts they were telling me about I believe will be some of the bones within the brothel hidden like Juanita Nielsen and Donald MacKay.
2011 November Allegedly Peter Schaffer threatened myself and Alexander Petrovic with death if we didn’t get out of the brothel.    I reported to police.  Allegedly Inspector Ian McDonald declared as civil action.  The plot was within the frame work allegedly of Child’s play.
Allegedly this same night I turned up at the brothel, I hadn’t heard from Alex for three days.  I was worried, I found Alex zonked out on a bed allegedly drugged by the people within the brothel to gain control.  Alex was going to ring me the Friday night at midnight when the brothel was going to reopen in Kings Cross.  Allegedly whilst he was asleep he was drugged, he didn’t awake for 3 days when I turned up on the Sunday night /Monday morning when I turned up after leaving my sick husband at St George Hospital where he was admitted for cancer treatment.
During the time Peter William Schaffer was in the brothel, the stories were fed to me under allegedly the child’s play to make me look like I had the appearance of going nuts or telling untruths.  Allegedly to hide the secret.  Allegedly during this time Peter Schaffer like many before him were looking for something.  I would ask what they were looking for. I was told about the money that was found by the police by Madonna’s Mob who were  in the brothel in 2003 to 2009.
When I was interviewed for my court case Police Vs Jennifer Weatherstone I said the word EXTORT.  Allegedly the day before a man known in Kings Cross as Greek Sammy if  I said the word EXTORTION down  in Kings Cross Police station that he could not protect me and I would be killed.
During the alleged interview I said the word extort.  The tape was stopped.  I was told by the Detectives that further interviewed by police.  This interview on tape never has occurred.
I was asked by Marty Hyde to give him the story after charges.  I did do this and emailed to his personal email.  Marty Hyde drug squad Kings Cross was sending to his boss, that was the end of that.  No response.
Allegedly in September Alexander Petrovic told me things, that Marty Hyde had rung him to say get out of the brothel and watch your back.
Allegedly Inspector Thorn, Inspector Ian MacDonald, Inspector at Surry Hills that came in when the underage was called for the brothel actually allowed without a search  Greek Sammy to leave the brothel first.  The alleged next  guy after Roger Hegarty that was terrorising me all for the same mob.
Allegedly Marty Hyde drug raid was known by Greek Sam and Lou Villiany prior to coming in to the brothel. Allegedly terrorising me with a gang going to run in on me, this gang they described on  the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/ The Thursday they disappeared, the drug raid happened.  Allegedly as they described the police came in I assumed it was the mob.
Allegedly the next day  I went to the police kings Cross as they never searched Greek Sam’s bags I had noted.  The Detective interviewed me however because  I only knew the nicknames of these thugs I wasn’t taken serious. The bag had items found within that are additives to the drug ice by Detectives nothing happened.  Allegedly Greek Sammy, terrorised me the night before the raid, with drugs flashing everywhere he walked with working girls however he allegeds he can’t get caught, he is protected.
Allegedly 5 January 2012 the three constables turned up from Kings Cross they refused to take the report about the damage left from Peter William Schaffer. Allegedly referring to the boss Inspector Ian MacDonald had said so.  Instead offering me a drug raid on premises that were setup  with drugs by this allegedly same mob Hells Angels.
Allegedly during the time of the brothel, I have asked for police intervention however it seems it was given the bottom draw treatment and I wasn’t given a fair go.  Allegedly the AVO on Roger Hegarty was 3 months getting laid, then when he re-entered the brothel was not charged even with a police tracker.  I was told by the police to get the AVO myself and bring to the police from the courts.  I did do this, no charges laid.
Allegedly Peter Schaffer  threatened  to murder me a few times even remarks on facebook goal or funeral.  All reports have been notified to police allegedly these threats have been taken as child’s play not noticing that the next person in line in the mob have ordered the cars to watch my house with cars of a night with headlights looking from across the bay.
Allegedly the 6 March when I attended Kings Cross Police were people were following me into the police station, the police behind the bench thought it was funny and strange not thinking they were the links to be same mob Hells Angels.
Allegedly over the last couple months I attended Day Street police they put on annomous report for the drug dealing of eight balls at the back of Town Hall Station, these notes of previous reports into Police when checked had a do not pick up on his file. Allegedly for Essam Nicola Gerges who told me he was the money man to pick up extortion and protection money.  Allegedly killing people for the mob, Essam Nicola Gerges joked about this with Peter William Schaffer with me in February 2012.  Allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges joked about killing people to me on several occasions.
Allegedly the Inspector Surry Hills 3.08pm 13 July 2012 that sent me to St Vincents just another ploy to not take me seriously.
Allegedly the charging Detective in my case didn’t look at the word EXTORT within my evidence.  Allegedly the Detective at the charge desk made reference to YOU MUST GET A LOT OF HUSBAND”S IN THE BROTHEL?  I was silent.

Allegedly the threats of extortion because I wouldn’t pay I was setup on the child protection charge utilising by Greek Sammy inside the brothel threats of death or fear I would be murdered if I didn’t have him inside.  Allegedly Greek Sammy was the boss during the time that he was inside the brothel otherwise I was dead by what he and Roger with others had told Alex and myself.

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