Saturday, 19 October 2013

Police Search warrant for Juanita Nielsen

Situation Brothel 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point

I have been asking for a Police Search warrant where Detective Inspector Mark Howard and the Ombudsman gave the Judge powers for the police search.

Today I was told to go to Kings Cross Police Station as the Detectives will be searching the Brothel later today or over the next week Detective Dench was suggesting.  It was out of her duristiction.

However, Kings Cross Police Constable Alex on the desk this afternoon about 3.30pm to 4pm said he would pass a note which he never wrote down and the search wasnt happening because the brothel is shut.

I explained the compartment to the naked eye and shown to the Judge with the photos where there is a drill hole  that was placed by this alleged gang into the compartment it runs for two nearly 3 rooms it is about 2-3 stairs above floor level and the original floor was concreted over and raised by the fire exit by 5 stairs about.

The Court I went back to today, where the Judge Garling's assistant told me to go to Level 4 for Search warrants.  What I was told that the Police have not asked with tthe correct  paperwork for the search of the hidden compartment that is confirmed by images and plan.

The extortion, the nigeria Scam, the threats to murder me  and the threats to my family with cars tyres slashed at home, cars scratched the constant people asking for money so they don't kill us is huge.  Kero bombs on the 23 December 2012 at my home .

The Downing Centre Court Level 4, said I needed a Strike force to look, if Kings Cross Police are not helping then with the evidence and I haven't changed EXTORT Q363 in my statement, I told the court however the police need to search this hidden compartment why?  The setup's are documented for this property, the child prostitutes come in with the alleged gang puppets Hells Angels for most the police have arrested however Kings Cross has now some very heavy characters that have come into Kings Cross with this gang.

I was told last night, if I asked again, the police weren't happy with what I had done to Kings Cross and the drug network with information for raids.

Sammy Sweet is the right hand man for John Ibrahim, as he told me he had  Christmas with John Ibrahim and Frank Amante.

Sammy Sweet, was the controller within the brothel.  He had told Alex to leave on the 27 July 2011 and terrorised me.  How can you be in control when your told if you go to the police you are murdered.  

The Kings Cross Police  think the brothel compartment is unnecessary however the information on Juanita Nielsen, the heavies that have painted the wall  in Room F where this compartment is situated is evidence where Juanita Nielsen could be hidden.
There is a smell in the brothel that is very strong, some say it is the smell of a shroud that is sometimes placed over a body.

Within the setup evidence this gang left the calling card for the Child Prostitution case of a setup and the Judge would not let me put this information down.

Sammy Sweet is on the CCTV and Police photos however Judge Garling said the two men were fine.  

Sammy Sweet moves the drug ice along Darlinghurst Road, I saw him walking to the city about 3.30pm on William Street this would be for a pick up.  he was with another person this afternoon however I didn't know him.

Sammy sweet wears a baseball cap most of the time and they change constantly.

The Court in two places today said that this case needed a Strike Force to look where the police in kings Cross  Station have not put the forms into the court to be signed.  I have spoken with Magistrate Leah and she would sign it however no  police have brought the paperwork.

The Court office, said that this seems if the police do not want to search would be a position for the non investigating as a right for court of appeals.  Thus by searching the hidden compartment will explain, 1985-6 the brothel was the start of the Royal Commission in 1994 and the numerous setup's that have happened I have documented on the website

By the evidence between the VIC and the police photos, shows the VIC, by on the stand said she rang her manager which was not me.  She changed feather boa's, she picked up her purse and her jeans prior to going to the police station and the tears were at the police station in the 25 minutes from when she left the brothel.  The setup, the extortion the threats, I haven't changed my statement I could not elaborate when the threats to murder me were so real and from the heavy within the brothel which Judge Garling acknowledge within the Judgement.  

How can you be in control of anything when your threatened to be murdered for going to the police and you wait for the police to ask the question because otherwise you end up like Juanita Nielsen.

The pattern,  the brothel search will expose what's hidden where this item will be so valuable to the drug network that the police it seems in Kings Cross are allegedly assisting the drug network.

As the Court officier said, if it blows the top off the drug network it is needed to be searched.

I have never been so frightened and have been working on the research why Abe Saffron did this .....I do know that this hidden compartment will expose not just the drug network, it will like with the paperwork within this hidden compartment to the gang, to the overseas network of the Triads, UK, USA by the company links of the business agreement of the drug network.

The murders happen so that the drug network they can deal.  Like the acts of this alleged child prostitution is one way where if they lie enough, tell the story like the groomer said then the person is setup and the brothel is closed again just to hide the secret.

Please, the case is over Police Vs Weatherstone however the drugnetwork the shootings, the setup's keep going.

2009 I started the research
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date: Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:20 PM
subject: Court staff asked me to report this for a Police Strike Force to action

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