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Putting Police on notice by the reports should be actioned. due to Duty of Care for my personal safety and the residents of Sydney due to the shootings all over Sydney.

Email Sent 15 September 2012.

Email address this Putting on notice was done to is at the bottom of this report.

I will ask the Government to remove the police officers from Kings Cross Police station on the evidence that I have produced over the past, with the association of inactions to investigate alleged Hells Angels criminal activity within Kings Cross.  This removal of the police be moved to other stations to stop this alleged links with the gang Hells Angels, as Inspector Detective Ian MacDonald said, this gives me a job yet the inactions means that he was allegedly turning a blind eye to the thuggery child's play and intimidation and extortion that I have received by Hells Angels.

I am putting Kings Cross Police Station on notice and the police involved with the alleged push by Hells Angels and the evidence that I have given to the Police and to the Minister of Police as to the neglect of duty as not further investigations the evidence that I brought about Juanita Nielsen on the opening of the case by Inspector Detective Ian MacDonald.

Then the Police between Surry Hills and Kings Cross police station where the evidence has been offered and the way that these alleged criminals within the area of Kings Cross have treated the law as this 18 months of terror I have received as child's play all to keep a brothel premises closed due to the alleged remains of Juanita Nielsen and maybe further people within the apartment that allegedly Abe Saffron had as his graveyard in Kings Cross.

Thru the police opening up the case of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay for further information to their murders and remains. At each attempt I have made to report the violent and life threatening behaviour of allegedly Hells Angels members and associates against the push of the gang on the premises where allegedly the bodies are hidden and have been hidden for many years.
The Inspector Detective Ian MacDonald with the Detective from gangs on the 7 December 2011 at the opening of the Juanita Nielsen was telling me that the drugs in Kings Cross and thuggery behaviour of Peter Schaffer was not a problem for the police as this gave him a job and other members of the police a job. 
I will further allege by these inactions put my life at risk of death and my families with Alex Petrovic in dangerous circumstances with the information I was uncovering through the investigations of the Kings Cross Sting research regarding Kings Cross and the drug network.
I will further allege that this brothel in history at 34-36A Darlinghurst Road has been able to operate when allegedly Bill Bayeh has been out of goal.
I will further allege that the brothel has had a concrete floor  at a later time.
 The concrete floor of the brothel I will believe wasn't on the original plans as apartments called the Summit Flats.

The unit that William Dobell took over was above the bank on the corner of Roslyn Street.

The plans show on the fire exit that there is inside the brothel area this flat area of William Dobel had 5 stairs added to take in the concrete floor that would have been added for the bank security at sometime.

The images of the Building no showing the front stairs of the brothel now.

1958 the unit of William Dobell was changed to the first Pink Pussycat Club.

During the period of Abe Saffron working out of the premises I will allege that the floor was concreted to allow security to the bank below known as the Union Bank and then ANZ bank..

The concrete floor and the timber floor being left allowed a cavity within the building.  This cavity the only people that were aware of this were the people that had the premises at the time.

The reception desk is still the same by the cutout on the roof as to the 1st Pink Pussycat Club.

The floor level was raised allowing a perfect hiding spot allegedly for the body of Juanita Nielsen.

The brothel at the time in 1975 was closed to Darlinghurst Road and unused.

The access to the brothel was via the fire exit and to most the brothel area was unused.

This allowed the brothel area to be utilised for gambling and casino's without being found and with  I will allege some rooms for utilising as a brothel.

I will further allege that getting Juanita Nielsen over the road to be hidden in this cavity area was either by means of rolling the body in a carpet rug to take from Les Girls Carousel Club to the fire exit of the building on the corner of Roslyn Street and  Darlinghurst Road.

The building does have a smell, this smell is very hard to get rid of.  Actually we  found we never had been able to totally get rid of the smell.  We could burn incense and  we did this continually including putting potpurri concentrate on the carpet area by the bottle full a couple of times a week to hide the smell  within the brothel area of this building.

By the  Royal Commission Bayeh's looked after the security on Darlinghurst Road from the Pink Pussycat club to Love Machine, now tthe Pink Pussycat club was referring to the 34-36A Darlinghurst Road to Love Machine now this would declare that Abe Saffron owned the strip on Kings Cross on the left hand side looking from the brothel Roslyn Street corner to William Street.

The Room F was a perfect way to pull apart the wall to place Juanita Nielsen in this cavity area between the concrete floor and the timber floor.  People knew then about the cavity and the floor level within the brothel is a perfect way to hide  people as normally the police would not think much about it.  The floor area didn't affect the premises at all by plans.  Yet on the plans it shows the toilet area and the hallway to the toilets is different to the original plans.

In the images of the toilet windows it will show even thou the brothel could not open in 1985-6 by the references to the Royal Commission of Madame Butterfly the toilet window is open it then suggests that this smell was constant for years.

The area within the brothel on the 3 stairs raised just past the laundry area has no plumbing in this area of the brothel so why the stairs?  It is 2 stairs that are very narrow built and then a timber area tiled.
This area is another area within the brothel that the police should check as the false ceiling in the brothel had been removed in this area above the raising of the floor.  This removal of the false ceiling in this area was I will allege to cover the raising of the floor.  By plans the walls of the premises and the buildings are normally matched up too.  Not the floor.

This area has been raised for some reason and tiled.  The concrete in the bottom of the linen press is a new concrete yet it isn't the same on the left of the hallway where it is a timber floor area showing that the area had been manipulated with during the history of this building.  The false ceiling is not in the laundry yet it is everywhere else.

By the plans this Room F could have been a bedroom area back in time when William Dobell had the apartment as by the brick walls.

The Room F has a piered wall structure in the image of Room F and this image shows the piers did not go all the way through to Room G nor did the piers go to the ceiling or to the corner of Room for the strength.  This extra wall is allegedly the wall that was built to cover the access point to the cavety area of the building where allegedly where they have hidden the body of Juanita Nielsen.

Room F had a cream patch painted on this wall with the piers by Essam Nicola Gerges.  This man, Essam Nicola Gerges told me things, he told me that he was the gunman for the Bayeh's.
He is also about 60 years old now so for the age could have been the alleged gun man for Juanita Nielsen.
To paint a patch in this room was very weird.  When questioned he said it was necessary.

The first people that pushed on the brothel and threatened to kill me for money is Roger Hegarty, Sex worker Michelle was with Roger Hegarty asking that he had to come into the brothel at that time they had both been asking for money $10k that week previously it was $100k and Karyn Englehardt were on the premises.  Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet turned up after this incident.  It was the alleged change over of the mob and how the gang works so each member works towards the end result to close the brothel yet the association of the push of the mob is not considered under the laws within Police if under the part of the law 141 (a) of the Police Act, no further investigation can be done.

Essam Nicola Gerges told me that I could not operate the brothel unless he was inside the brothel and he utilised intimidation of Sewe from Eastern Suburbs Chapter of Hells Angels, Peter William Schaffer, Roger Hegarty, David a fat guy that deals drugs on street corners and had worked in Love Machine and Porky's for years.  Michael a security guy.  Plus many of the guys that he bought or sent into the brothel to harass me.  Then he would ask for a percentage of the business of 30% for himself, 10% for Sewe, 30% for Peter william schaffer yet all the money that came through the doors went to this man with the working girls giving Essam Nicola Gerges nearly all the money and then he would take the money off me that I was given.
On the 14 February 2012, we went to the Commonwealth Bank in Potts Point where he was demanding money.  I explained to him that there was no money.  I filed a form at the bank because he didn't want me to have the money moved without his knowledge.  I made out that the movements I didn't know about, yet it was one way that we could move the money out without their knowledge.

Why didn't Essam Nicola Gerges want the brothel to operate without him their?  It was fear that if the brothel operated that the plumbing may stuff up and the pulling apart.

Essam Gerges during the time I had known him from the first night in November 2011 Peter Schaffer threatened to blow both Alex and myself's head off if we stayed in the brothel.

Essam Gerges went to meetings with Bill Bayeh in Double Bay on a Monday afternoon after Quentin Vertigan came to the brothel with a guy called Tony both of which referred to Bill Bayeh and meetings.

Essam Gerges and his son Sewe had the Eastern Suburbs Chapter of Hells Angels in February 2012 walk on Ibrahim and Porky's to show they were going to run Kings Cross.  This I will relate to the company and the King of the Cross that was transferred from Bill Bayeh and Louie Bayeh to the Ibrahim's when Bill Bayeh went to goal.

The brothel had not been able to open since Juanita Nielsen's disappearance until Bill Bayeh was in goal, by Madonna's Mob.

Juanita Nielsen back in 1975 was on the trail of the money and how the Victoria Street Development with the go ahead was being paid for.  The company and the alleged drug agreement with USA was on the table that Juanita Nielsen stumbled across.

I will allege that CIA Houghton was the person who had the idea of placing bodies within the brothel back prior to 1971 when it was first noted that the brothel could not be open by Shirley Briffman.  I will further allege that the police were paid because of the more protection the Madame or Brothel owner needed at that time by the heavies visiting the brothel to close it down.  I will further allege that this is the area of child's play of the law where the intimidation moves from one person to another person all only going so far so no police charges.

The push on the brothel for us, was huge as to close the brothel and the intimidation had not been working with Alex and myself due to the fact we were not doing drugs.  We weren't doing anything wrong.

The brothel extortion and asking for money by sex worker Michelle and Roger Hegarty started in March 2011 the first night we were open.  The pressure on the brothel as to our life and safety escalated quite quickly when Bill Bayeh was released from goal.

Allegedly Bill Bayeh, Essam Gerges, Peter Schaffer, Sewe, Felix Lyle, Scott Orrock had all  allegedly done something.  Scott Orrock came into the brothel as the first person after the drug raid carried out by the police.  This was all as the eyes for allegedly Bill Bayeh and to report back.

With the push on the brothel I started to look at the history as to why it was happening, and noticed about the KX1 and KX6 in the Royal Commission.  I will note that the S. Hardas description sounds alot like the Greek Sammy who said he had ran with his brother many of the clubs in Kings Cross.  Greek Sammy on entering the brothel told me he was sent from Frank Amante and John Ibrahim after the threats to murder me by Roger Hegarty within a couple of hours.

The evidence about Juanita was given about these three guys in November 2011, this was after my meeting with Essam Gerges.  

By the brothel opening the largest person that could be affected would be the gun man allegedly Essam Gerges admitted to me in February 2012 that he was the gunman for the Bayeh's.

The push from everyone coming up from Porky's and going back to Porky's for meetings as they said allegedly was to protect the discovering of the body of Juanita Nielsen as this mob knew that by finding the remains would uncover more, about the company, who had this area of the building back in 1975.  The face of the alleged drug network, how the King of the Cross is working even today would be null in void because the company that Abe Saffron was running in 1975 and the association with Hells Angels would be discovered.  This agreement with the companies and USA allegedly is the agreement to the drug network that Juanita Nielsen found out about before her death and the reason why she thought she may go missing by picking out a  image with David Farrell if she went missing just a couple of weeks before.
Juanita Nielsen had tapes within her handbag.  I will further allege that these tapes will have held information about the company The Hells Angels Ltd being formed in 1975 and the guaranteeing of the drug ownership into Australia by Abe Saffron, Perc Galea, and Houghton.  Houghton was the CIA presence and the alleged connection with the drug network from the USA that developed further with Abe Saffron.
Houghton being CIA background was the alleged person who had the idea of hiding bodies in the cavety within the building of Sparkling Chandeliers 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road and the building area be closed as a cheap way to keep the drug network hidden.

The child's games, have been horrific played on us, yet I haven't been in Kings Cross since March 2012 and still they check my house nightly, the facebook I have is hammered allegedly by Hells Angels and Associates.  I have had child's games of threats to murder and then they started on a continued basis to flood the brothel from the floor above.  Yet the real estate agent even the solicitor for the owners seemed not to care or take notice of this level of child's play.  

The police were called about the threats to murder, the police came to the brothel where Roger Hegarty hit a person at reception yet it was allegedly to prove to Jennifer and Alex that he was protected by the police as untouchable I reported this to ICAC at the time.

Each time I went to the police station in Kings Cross the level of push against me was escalated to the point that people followed me into the police station in March 2012 and the threats to murder me escalated again by allegedly Peter Schaffer and others.  The day before Peter Schaffer and Essam Nicola Gerges threatened to kill my husband and Alex. I was terrorised that night at the brothel by these associates of the alleged gang because I went to the police station.

Yet, you have to look that this  is not normal, each time the brothel is opened the extortion starts as 2003 it was noted about extortion back in 2001 and 2002 when the brothel was taken over by the company Glowpave Pty Ltd and started Madonna's as Madonna's mob from Cabramatta and the alleged drug dealing.  1985-6 Madame Butterfly couldn't open through extortion and heavies, then 1971 Shirley Briffman, than Bella's Gentleman's Club the receptionist was dealing drugs allegedly this is the easiest way to close the brothel down with the drug dealing yet we weren't selling drugs nor had drugs on the premises it was the alleged members of Hells Angels that came dealing drugs and terrorising us.

Interpol had sent a email back to me they thought the brothel should be searched for the remains of Juanita Nielsen.  

YOU have to search as no one else should go through the thugs and the vicious attacks to life that I and my family  have suffered.  Hells Angels, Peter Schaffer said to me when I went to the police station, "You will see we are bigger than the police and they can't touch us"  he was standing beside Essam Nicola Gerges on Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross on the 5 March 2011 Sunday night.  That night Peter Schaffer told all the working girls to go.  Allegedly it was going to be their life next by the messages and talks I had with some of the working girls after Ashlea Boyle, Mandy Moo Amanda Waterson and Tess who now works down at Porky's I believe.

Today people in goal awaiting court, Ashlea Boyle,Peter Schaffer, Essam Gerges, Desmond Morrison

Mothers day night Roger Hegarty with two other thugs came into the brothel and the police followed yet the police only picked up two guys and left Roger Hegarty behind allegedly he was a protected person, he went into Room G to get rid of the alleged drugs he told me.  I had the two guys ringing the brothel after, for the drugs that Theresa picked up off them in the McDonald's bag.  I never saw Theresa again after that night.  Theresa was working down at Porky's however I don't know where she is now.

There would be more information available if questioned by Police.  It's ashame that the police didn't listen to my cries for help.  I was told that the police were in the pockets of Hells Angels Members and by the treatment that I have seen where these alleged Hells Angels members have been able to extort, threaten to kill me, yet I don't do drugs so why?  The only answer is that the area in Room F where allegedly the remains of Juanita Nielsen will be found.  The government will need to search these premises with the available information as the evidence I believe is significant.

The removal of the company of allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd will destroy the drug network in Australia and if the World will listen the deregistering of the companies will stop the drug trade significantly.  It will also remove the King of the Cross by the deregistering of this company and further investigations into the evidence that I have presented to the government.

The Shootings all over Sydney is allegedly the fight between allegedly Bill Bayeh and John Ibrahim over the company and ownership of the Crown, King of the Cross and the ownership of the drug network.,
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