Saturday, 19 October 2013

Who checks up after Judges?

Who checks up after the Judges?

The Only people that can expose corruption within the courts is a Strike Force to enter the Courts.  All they have to ask for is Exhibit G.  G for God for this gang.  Yes, it's a system.  The original item at Exhibit G will be missing.  Just a game.....  I call it alleged corruption?

What happens if I have enough evidence to allegedly try Sammy Sweet and John Ibrahim on conspiracy charge...shouldn't the Police look into it?

On Judgement Day 12 July 2013, Judge A Garling put a figure into his Judgement of $1350?  What's this?

Why did we have a person who is an elite person within the underworld in Court on 3 July 2013?

Why did this gang play a game with me, extorting me, threatening my life and then disappearing when the Police have started to listen to me?

Who will check the alleged missing exhibit G Red Book is in the hands of the Judge as I was told it had to be in the hand of the Golden Scorpion?  93, the elite of the Underworld.

When the Strike Force checks, it will show that this alleged gang I have been hit by, is the elite that allegedly are running the drugs as they say by Sammy Sweet my boss is John Ibrahim, I'm his right hand man.  Under Aliester Crowley mythology Right hand is the magicK where John Ibrahim doesn't touch the drugs.  

The Alleged drug network has been owned and controlled by the Jewish since 1948 Abe Saffron, now today there will be another Jew that controls.  The Hells Angels Ltd company is one link that I found working on what Juanita Nielsen was exposing when she went missing.

MCJ   Minister Christain Jewish,  Lodge J for the J star sign of Scorpio for the J for the Jewish.  The Ordoaa was started in 1920 by Frank Bennett and links to the Holy Graal, the Hooked X map where the brothel they want to protect is so much Sparkling Chandeliers.  This positioning of the premises 34-36A Darlinghurst Road Potts Point brothel was always controlled by Abe Saffron until 2003, then went to the Gang 5T Madonna's Mob linking into the Triads.

It's not history, this drug network we have is massive.  The Judges take the law WILL into their hands, as the law doesn't allow anyone above them within the Courts they are seen as honest however how honest can a Judge be when an exhibit item is missing and the Police Don't or won't investigate further as the file was given to Stephen Alexander Lawyers so that allegedly his clientallegedly John Ibrahim knew that his men would not be touched or was it how to answer the questions.

I have attached, the response from Glebe Coroner to show that the evidence I have collected regarding Juanita Nielsen is significant to the Coroner however the police have stopped searching this hidden compartment within the building 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road, as this is the key to the underworld today they protect.
to: "" <>,
 "" <>,
 "" <>,,
 The Premier of NSW <>,,
 "" <>
 Jane Badley <>
date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:54 AM
subject: Fwd: Court staff asked me to report this for a Police Strike Force to action

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