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Police Integity letter dated 14 November 2012....Juanita Nielsen Glebe Coroner thought by letter it was significant evidence

14 November 2012 Our Ref: 23552/60
Ms Jennifer Weatherstone
via email:
Dear Ms Weatherstone
I refer to your correspondence, dated 31 July 2012, addressed to Ms Cherie Burton
MP and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, concerning your complaint
about police. That correspondence was forwarded to the Commission on 29 October
You will recall that, in letters dated 18 May 2011, 5 September 2011, 15 September
2011, 10 April 2012, 14 June 2012, 19 July 2012 and 2 August 2012 (our refs:
23552/3, 23552/8, 23552/11, 23552/16, 23552/21, 23552/28 and 23552/31), you
were advised that the Commission had decided not to investigate your complaints.
You will recall that, by letter of 19 July 2012 (our ref: 23552/28), you were advised
that the Commission has decided to not investigate your complaint and has referred
your complaint to the NSW Police Force and the NSW Ombudsman. You were also
advised in that letter:
all further inquiries with regard to your complaint should be directed to the NSW
Ombudsman. 8 Please be advised that the Commission is taking no further action in
this matter. Further correspondence from you to the Commission will be of no benefit
to you.
I take this final opportunity to remind you that the Commission is not investigating
your complaint. Please be advised that any further correspondence on this matter
received from you after the date of this letter will be filed as part of the Commission’s
records only. They will not be acknowledged and will not be considered by
Commission officers. I repeat my earlier advice that further correspondence on this
matter from you to the Commission will be of no benefit to you.
Yours faithfully
Allan Kearney
Director, Prevention & Information

The Kings Cross Sting exposes....

Dear Sirs/Madam,

13 PIC reports, I believe if they sat down and went through the evidence, looking at the dates the company The Hells Angels Ltd rolled over on company to new directors will show some major links with two companies and how the position of Kings Cross King of the Cross works who allegedly is the President in Australia of Hells Angels.

The alleged members and associates that I have met within Kings Cross and further interrelate to the drug network.  This drug network is illegal.  When the drug runners, howl they own the drug network of the brothel's in Kings Cross his name Scotty who just replaced Roger Hegarty, then it moved to Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet, then Peter William Schaffer, now Scotty we have a problem.

The drug network will continue to grow, as I have seen many of the drug network giants bragging about earning $80k in three weeks, new landcruisers of $160k, Scotty with his bikes and cars out of gaol 3 months before first runner and now a network of 5 under him selling drugs and howling he owns the drug strip within 5 months out of gaol.  Under the watchful eye of the mob why?  Well if not part of the scene taken to task by Petrid Sam and he brings his undercovers to pick up the guys.  It's the system and how they deal drugs.

When you see the motor bikes allegedly moving the drugs out of Newtown at 5pm about by 2 motor bikes returning 2 hours later.  Then seeing the same Motorbikes on the Northside where a major alleged distribution safe home unit in Herbert Street St Leonards  near the hospital exists

I have put in many of my emails, as the push on me had been something I have never incountered before.  The huge push co-incided with allegedly Bill Bayeh coming out of gaol.  You hear about the shootings all over Sydney, you hear now blood shed on the streets within the large associates of Hells Angels, why?  Allegedly Bill Bayeh, under many others are wanting to control the company behind Kings Cross  ....The Hells Angels Ltd that allegedly Bill Bayeh signed over to the Ibrahim brothers and the company EABONA Pty Ltd which are the two original companies that allegedly Abe Saffron and Perc Galea controlled back in 1975.

Allegedly many of the emails I have put together to the government is for the reason to search the premises 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross for the area where Juanita Nielsen and others could be.  By Essam Nicola Gerges actions of painting the wall cream in Room F where the area is a subfloor area of the ladies toilets you start to see that I had the Juanita Nielsen file reopened in November 2011, it is twelve months within that time, the brothel was flooded numerous times on searching the water bill you will see spikes in the use where taps were left on above us to flood the area.  Why?  Why do one after another come in and threaten to kill you when your not doing drugs and I knew they were drug dealers, Why?

Look at the premises, when you see one after another trying to close you down again you ask why?  When Peter William Schaffer and Essam Nicola Gerges told  me that the police won't touch us we are too big referring to Hells  Angels where they had 50-60 guys walk on Kings  Cross through Sewe Eastern Suburbs Hells Angels, you are summons to meetings with Hells Angels where your asked for money not realising that they too had asked Alex to meetings too where he was paying funds thinking it would save our skin.

Then you scratch the surface of Kings Cross when you see the connections between the hotels, and  the gang.  Then you see where Porky's is within council illegal and relates to the premises EABONA Pty Ltd where this company is links  to The Hells Angels Ltd allegedly the two companies that link to Hells Angels USA and the chapter that was started in 1975 by allegedly Abe Saffron.

The information and the links when the police further investigate will be significant evidence as the  rolling over from the Bayeh's to the Ibrahim's will allegedly connect the chapters of Hells Angels Sydney with Hells Angels USA under the worldwide network.

However, many of the people I talk about all stayed in Room F in the brothel, many of the guys had threatened me over the time however if the area of the brothel that needs searching wasn't linked with Hells Angels would you think that John Ibrahim would push for the premises to be searched just to quieten me?

When John Peluso NSW Barrister said  to me that Sammy Sweet was protected.  He is a protected man he said well you ask the question how does a barriister know who is protected in the alleged drug network as this guys sells drugs and told me he was John Ibrahim's right hand man meeting with Tongan Sam daily and organising drugs for the security guards.  When you are told by Sammy Sweet he is a Rebel or has been a Rebel.

When Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said I like this pointing to the drugs in Kings Cross.  They give me a job, this was opening the Juanita Nielsen new evidence, these 3 guys allegedly have caused me havoc for what reason?  I don't do drugs.  It has intrigued me how the network when your in Kings Cross is so obvious and it seems to work untouched in a way,until I started to expose a few drug runners to the police.  At this time in November 2011, I had Peter William Schaffer terrorising us in the brothel and standing over us to control the brothel however during this time, they bashed holes in the walls and searched.  Peter Schaffer said he has the asian grandmother however he looks like Robert Trimbole.  Why at the brothel?  Allegedly will link back to the Donald Mackay and the links to that murder through Essam Gerges.  

Essam Gerges told me he was the gunman for Bill Bayeh and he collected protection money from brothels etc for the gang.  He said, he would go out and shoot some one and then have dinner with the family.

It is a shame, if as it seems by Essam Gerges painting the cream square on the wall in Room F of the brothel and the history that Abe Saffron had this brothel closed for many years, the secret brothel of the Pink Pussycat Club.  This brothel had been started by Madame Tilly Devine and her body guard Sid McDonald.

It's just an area of the second hallway, where allegedly Juanita Nielsen is via the fire exit the premises is opposite the Carousel Club at the time of the murder the brothel was shut to the public and under the control of Abe Saffron.  However, it seems the police has continued under 141(a) of the Police Act no further investigations, yet its Juanita Nielsen missing since 1975.  How could the police have missed it?  Right across the road from the Carousel Club.  A place where Abe Saffron would stay.  Under the floor, raising the floor in sections and the concrete floor being added with 5 steps raised created a void where allegedly Abe Saffron has placed items to hide from the police.  Under the floor by plans the police would not find this hideout why would they when the plans would match on the walls it wasn't until 2004 when updated plans were needed for the development consent of the brothel that it was noted about the second hallway no one noticed Why would they?  No one would think Abe Saffron would allegedly bury bodies in a void in the floor above ground watched by himself until his death 2006.

The police at each piece of evidence, has taken the 141(a) of the Police Act no further investigations however if the finding of the body will allegedly link the body with Abe Saffron and the company The Hells Angels Ltd isn't it worth to look for The Heiress, Juanita Joan Nielsen.

I forgot, I'm just a mum however, why would the gangs utilise such strength to show with 50-60 Hells Angels in February 2012 for me to behaviour?

Juanita Nielsen makes a lot of sense.  What if I'm right?  Abe Saffron's will the money will be held by the government as proceeds of crime about $8.5 million.  Allegedly the agreement with the company The Hells Angels Ltd will be deregistered thus the drug network is collapsed with the USA and the importation of drugs through this network.  You will see the gangs will go back behind the scenes, the thugs will be gone.  

Kings Cross has had much pressure about the alcohol problems however when you know the drugs are in high useage in this area you wonder how Scotty is getting his drug network.  Remember this drug network was done previously by people that terrorised me, Roger Hegarty, Sammy Sweet, Peter Schaffer, Essam Gerges, now Scotty however it is feeding the brothels.  By what I have found out he is picking up in Woolloomooloo by a guy with a limp that lives in a housing commission home with some very nice fittings and furniture in.  It's a system, the gang associates seem so vast and many.  

Shame, if the government doesn't look for Juanita Nielsen after this long 1975 all it seems to add to the findings before.
Corruption with in the police force was one of the findings of the Coroner's report in 1983.

Please check the building 36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross you will find her, otherwise the gangs would run the brothel themselves why wouldn't they?  It hides the secret, the brothel has a smell that you can not get rid of.

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