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Brothels in Kings Cross and alleged drug network Email to Prime Minister 28 September 2013

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Submitted on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 4:13pm

Sparkling Chandeliers Home of The Kings Cross Sting

Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: Weatherstone
Email address:
Your address: 
Subject: Brothels in Kings Cross NSW and alleged drug network.
I have brought this to the Council's attention, however nothing happened and
it should.  Alleged drug network utilises the working girls as safe houses
for the large movement of drugs.  They utilise the brothel intro's or a room
rate for the exchange and the owner as I was threatened whilst this happened.
  The police didn't go further when I called 000 and the Police Officer that
turned up 2.5 hours later said it was his friend that threatened my life.
This was I was told over a huge amount of drugs that went to a guy in
Melbourne.  THis guy again never checked by the Police he is in the elite as
an associate with Hells Angels.

What I have learnt.
Brothel  Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross/Potts Point
Stripperama, Porky's have had no Construction certificate of compliance on
the premises.  The premises as a licensed brothel and it has never complied
since 2002.

This is where the gang's utilise the power to keep these businesses open as
the alleged council is too terrified to do anything.  I have persisted with
Clover Moore who says that there is not much that can be done.  However at
the level of Prime Minister the Brothels in Kings Cross are just not selling
sex, I found that out the working girls are just moving the alleged drug
network and the guys behind change Peter William Schaffer in gaol now he was
working below alleged Scott Orrock for a while back 2011-13 for the drug network.
The Person above Peter Schaffer was Essam Gerges I believe he is in gaol
however not sure, then Sammy Sweet  I have left a link on my blog as I don't
have a proper name.  

Astoria Hotel has resident drug dealer that I know of
allegedly Sex worker Michelle for 5 years going on 7 years now.  This is a short term
lease rental maximum 3 months however Council turns   ablind eye to this.  This
doesn't  help the drug network to be exposed.  Lido Hotel have that where
permanent people are allegedly moving drugs and others know at times it is a
que in the streets waiting for the call  or signal from one to another.  The
testing of drug use for the sex workers is high in Kings Cross to dangers
levels after the drugs used the Police can't stop it. The Police under
licensing should be able to shut the brothels where they have NO council
final Construction certificate.  The government will have to remove the use
of existing rights to Brothels however 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road to fix is allegedly
up for the Owner to do so.  He should not be leasing this premises as Abe
Saffron hid something inside and the alleged gang protects this.  The owners
solicitor said it was not his client responsibility.  

Well, in the safety of the community this premises need to be searched and the license be removed
until the waterproofing from level 2 to 1 is rectified.  Fire proofing of
Level 2 from 1 as the flood of water shows that there is a problem. Council
has to be able to take a stand where brothel owners will have no rights on
the premises as ventilation, mechanical and air conditioning not working or
complying.  The owner has to be made responsible the next person would be I
believed kill if this premises is opened again.  The owner has to know with
the level of the Police I have asked to search an area for Juanita Nielsen.

On Wed 25/9/2013 D & S Australia Pty Ltd solicitor said it was not up to his
client to search.  My life was threatened and extorted heavily by a gang that
protects this area of a cabinet underfloor it has a timber lid in a area that
the Police could drill hole and check.  This has been reported for help since
2011.  All I have been given is a bill to pay, however when your life's
threatened, Kings Cross Police don't or won't listen we have corruption to a
level that is about when the Wood's Royal Commission was called in 1994.
Just  get the police to search properly and you will uncover Hells Angels
secret paperwork hidden in this area as I was told by Sammy Sweet the person
who he says, I am the right hand man for John Ibrahim.  
The guy that has extorted me heavily said to me this compartment will never be searched as the
gang controls the Police here in Kings Cross.  The Police will destroy
allegedly Hells Angels and the company The Hells Angels Ltd behind.  The
Police from Professional Standards I wrote too however he couldn't work out
what it could be.  
What I was told there is an agreement that is the drug
network paperwork where the company The Hells Angels Ltd of Australia Sydney,
Melbourne( gone now), UK and USA should exist this is the control arm of the
 this company came after Abe Saffron's Sid MacDonald Pty Ltd left the premises as the control over the
hidden compartment.  If the brothels don't have a construction certificate
issued under the DA they do not comply can we have council inforce this
immediately within the Kings Cross Precident.

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