Monday, 14 October 2013

Police File D 2011/208952 Court 3.1 Sydney Downing Centre Asking the government to search the premises in Sydney Australia

25 September 2012 I asked Judge John North, Judge Haeslar, Judge Blanche, all said you have to ask Judge A Garling...  This was requested 4 July 2013 on the 38 year anniversary of the death for Juanita Nielsen....

Shame, he thought it was a novel......  Who checks the Judges?  By our laws in NSW, not even the Attorney General will check up on the Police nor the Judges....I have requested the Governor General to intervene with the Prime Minister.

Sparkling Chandeliers Home of The Kings Cross Sting
Dear Sir,

I will be asking the District Court in Sydney for the searching of a brothel for human remains of allegedly Juanita Nielsen    Police File Number D/2011/208952.

I would like to stress that there is no association with the Motor bikes of Hells Angels in ths request to the courts.

The history of the premises where these alleged bodies are I will allege that the premises was utilised during this time by Abe Saffron or on behalf of Abe Saffron.

The Company that Abe Saffron was utilising was The Hells Angels Ltd that was started in Australia on the 19 September  1975.

This company has no relevance to any association with the current owners of the  company.

I asked John Ibrahim to join with me in the searching of the Brothel Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross because the Juanita Nielsen went missing on thee 4 July 1975 and John Ibrahim was 5 years old at the time, 7 years old when Donald Mackay was shot, and in 1966 Beaumont Children he wasn't born.

The images and plans of the brothel with the placement of  the bodies has been formed on the many hours of research and investigation within the Kings Cross area and the history of the premises.
Many of the people that allegedly terrorised me Peter Schaffer who looks like Robert Trimbole told me that there were ghosts on the 5th Step of the brothel, this 5th step is the concrete floor of the brothel.  The area where he was telling me was well hidden and no one would pick it up.  That there is a gun in here somewhere Jenny as he told me in February 2012 by Peter Schaffer.  I will allege that the terrorising by Peter Schaffer was to hide the remains of Donald Mackay.

Allegedly Sammy Sweet terrorised me in July 2011 to February 2012 where allegedly he would stand out the front of the premises intimidiating patrons to stay away on the street Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.  Allegedly extortion money was asked for thru other people otherwise the brothel would not be able to be open.  Allegedly Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam is similar in appearance to the S. Hardas that attended the Royal Commission in 1994 for Madame Butterfly 1985-6 which could not open through heavies visiting the premises Bayeh and McPherson.

Allegedly Karyn Englehardt in July 2011 to continued has placed this map showing drugs in August 2011, allegedly Karyn Englehardt had been asking for extortion money from the business in July 2011 and further with Peter Schaffer stood over the same business in November 2011 with continued  intimidation of the business owner Jennifer Weatherstone.  Allegedly Karyn Englehardt was deported from Australia in September 2012.

There were two Pink Pussycat Clubs in history of Kings Cross this history is important to the discovery as the references to many to us is about times when this same property was open for business or could not open in the Madame Butterfly instinct.

Allegedly Essam Gerges in the start of February 2012 painted a cream square on the wall in Room F after telling me things.  Essam Gerges said he was the gunman for the Bayeh's.  This I will allege why he came back to the brothel in November 2011 due to the human remains hidden within the brothel of Juanita Nielsen where he painted the cream square on the wall in Room F in February 2012 which is at the  sub floor area of the ladies toilets on the second hallway past the laundry.

Looking at the plan of the brothel, you will see that the brothel had the area past the laundry as not the same as to previous plans.

The request to search the premises 6/36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross is significant evidence for the positioning of the human remains of allegedly Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay, with the history of 1971 with Shirley Briffman I will further allege is reference to the Beaumont Children.


  1. When I looked athi quickly in the portal it struck me how much it looked like an advertising hoarding and it still does. Really clean lines and light almost surreal.
    Downing Centre District Court

  2. This company Downing Centre District Court has shown disrespect to Juanita Nielsen when the evidence comes out how this gang has hidden the body and it's only been 80 metres from Kings Cross Police Station where one after another said they will not issue the search warrant all for a reason I say.