Saturday, 19 October 2013

Barrister asked could I see corruption within the court

The police are rejecting my emails?  Why?  It pulls the drug network apart from the pinnacle where there is no then corruption money

Just a police search warrant I have asked for...doesn't seem hard when they have dug for Donald Mackay in the lettuce field like the Moloch images reflect.

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From: Jennifer <>
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 9:39 PM
Subject: Police search urgently required.
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Not just me, there has been two of us working to solve this puzzle to get this gang away from us.  The pressure from this gang is huge.
I had a Barrister on the 3 July ask me if I could see corruption within the court please tell authorities.  We know it happens we just can't see it.  The Barrister I do not know however he seemed to  know who I  was.

The drug network is at the  bottom.
Shootings, the murders all so they can prove themselves as puppets like the VIC did as images and talk within police information previously shows hoods, comments about drug drops.

The system is quite complex.

Some of my information of subpoena's for the information weren't allowed to go with the court evidence.  Allegedly a link Shannon Tomas Elliffee who extorted me and Alex in 2009, 10 then came back when we went to Kings Cross carries a black scorpion on his foot.
Shannon Elliffee took over 20 x 40 ft of material of glass wool off us and then threatens us with legal action for defamation to chase the money, threatened my life, drove 5 hours to terrorise me.  I called the police they couldn't see any wrong this guy did.  

Alex and I had no option, this gang surrounded us within the brothel.  Sometimes the guy coming into the brothel looked like Alex and I knew he wasn't Alex by his mannerism to me and when I rang his phone Alex would be outside the brothel.  I was terrified.

Please help, this shouldn't happen to other people this gang thinks it's a game however its a disgusting game when at the bottom of it is a murder that they wanted to hide to close the brothel by the child's play act.

Detective Dench said that she never looked at police  events at the time, or anything since . I have had the Crown solicitor tell me to go to the police email the  police however when they don't look at the information, and tells that in open court it sshould be disiplined.

My husband has had agressivve cancer, the stress has been huge.  He had the police try to look all the information came back no further help.

Gangs should not be able to do this.  The brothel searching will expose tthe gang, the system should be  with my information and the six tapes Juanita Nielsen should have with her in the memorial tomb within the brothel subfloor area.

This brothel has been searched in  the walls why wasn't this area picked  up before?
Woods' Royal Commission was started because of this  same brothel trouble and the Judge on the 4 July 2013 said what's the relevance.  The Barrister Crown said not applicable however the bodies  I do know are their, some people call me psychic however I research, I read the body language and my life was threatened all I was told go along with us or else your DEAD.

The Crown said to me, this was irrelevant.  The finger pointing and the action of blowing heads off by Chop Schaffer after this event, Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said at Kings Cross Police Station on the 7 December 2011 opening the case for Juanita  Nielsen that it was what he liked to see in Kings Cross referring to  the gangs and the drugs as it gives me a job, the judges a job, and the solicitor Nadia Long was their.  I asked her to report however she is terrified of what can happen to you when you don't go along.

What I thought, a police officier normally goes after evidence, Detective Dench took the stand 3 days like the 3 musketteers in the game, and Detective Dench and Arnold sat for the whole of day 4 July...tell me why?  Arnold didn't have to be their at all?  Link to Kings Cross Police station as I was asked to pay to John Ibrahim by sex worker MIchelle Rm 112 Astoria Hotel $100k for just opening the doorrs, and they were collecting on the 26 July 2011 by the child's play Comedy Divine which started.

My books are not just novels, I write self development and research brain cancer....

If I have found the position of Juanita Nielsen and other trophies,  as I said in court my books are like a diary where I have written in parts the terrorisiation.

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