Friday, 11 October 2013

Email 28 January, Execut a Police search?,,
 The Premier of NSW <>,,
 Amanda Dench <>,,
 wait1sus <>,,
date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 8:51 PM
subject: Police for further investigation into allegedly Hells Angels and the unsolved murders

Dear Sir/Madam,

I feel, it's time that the Police execut a search warrant for the Premises known as Sparkling Chandeliers at 6/36A Darlinghurst Road Potts Point for the alleged bodies of Juanita Nielsen, Beaumont Children and Donald Mackay where allegedly Abe Saffron had them hidden as he was incontrol of the brothel at that time since 1948 to when his organisation sold it to D & S Australia Ltd.

Upon the bodies being located, could the police go through all my information, as to the appropriate charges that need to be laid on this alleged gang Hells Angels and associates to further protect the Australian people.

That the police further investigate allegedly Chop Peter William Schaffer, Sammy Sweet and others mentioned for drug dealing allegedly to Newtown and Maloney Hotel Goulburn Street for Sammy Sweet.

That the police take the time and energy to help other people like myself in the future, rather than relying on Police informants or allegedly gang members where they have psychopathetic tendancies which also means they could be a compulsive liar.

The other law, to be changed where a member of the public relating to criminal activity of murder and location of a body be allowed to ask for the Courts help enquiring and obtaining a search warrant as the risk to my life and my families life has been huge.  We have spoken about the unsolved murders of 47 years on Australia Day, from 1966, 1975, 1977  for these murders have all happened to hide and protect Hells Angels, the company that was formed in 1975 The Hells Angels Ltd where Abe Saffron was King of the Cross and now, i have asked John Ibrahim in writing to allow the police to search the brothel all that has happened is the war has enrupted further over allegedly the running of the drug network in Sydney and ownership of VICE, TYVO Ltd Take Your Vice Over that John Ibrahim is in control as King of the Cross and alleged President of Hells Angels.

This shouldn't happen to anyone else it has been horrific which doesn't fully stress the problems, the stress, living where a gang is after you because you know the secret.

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