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Strike Force Required July 2013

3 people on the 12 July 2013, within the Downing Centre said I needed a Strike Force for them to help.  Even Judge Garling's assistance said I would need a Strike Force.

I just wanted the search warrant for the brothel's hidden compartment because no one else can go through what I have had, we have been extorted heavily like over $1million dollars and they still want more.....  The credit cards, bank accounts and the Police couldn't find the person.  However this person is the same person who controlled the brothel that night a man that came in with Sammy Sweet and looked like Alex thou he was NOT my Alex and he was the person who will be seen on the CCTV that was running around with the VIC.  Makeup tattoo on his hand.  It was just the gang again they all surrounded me.

I have been working through how the drug network works, there is 5 steps or links I think however for most they never link because they cross the line between religion, and hold good people within the association.  However this is the control where on the ground we call them the power of the Outlaw gang.  This gang is alive and well in Australia relating to alleged Outlaw gang and drug trafficking.

Allegedly Drug network Triads, Bandano Nation feeds Hells Angels , Hells Angels feeds the rest of the world drugs within Australia  Which is the relationship too Thelema and the teachings of Aliester Crowley and William Breeze

This gang believes they hold the Holy Graal. The AA is the reference to the graal 
The Master with the Shiva X is noted in 2006 which is the year Abe Saffron died.  This would then relate to allegedly John Ibrahim.  
Within the Mytthology, the scorpion reference is the penis.  Within this gang even within the Judgment's these key words are told to hold a key within this secret organisation.  The fee is put within the Judge's speech have a listen at Police Vs Weatherstone.

In 1920 Thelema was founded as a religion order
Based upon the Freemason's thinking as only a little link between steps protects the gang.  Within the halls of justice they refer to this as the Boys club with the reflection that the Masonic Club is where the Chequers Club was originally within at Sydney where Abe Saffron and the Chinese met within the history of the drug world.

The brothel subdivision was 1860 by a man associated with the Sacred heart of Jesus John Hughes.  This is the original holder I will allege with the Holy Graal as the research showed that it linked into Kincoppal house Rose Bay and he was Ordered as a Knight.

Why it's in the brothel?  Well, it's to do with something that either this gang don't know where it is within the building to move it.  I do know.  I haven't told anyone as there is two possibilities that I thought of within the brothel all the people told me no, Jen however it has to be in a position that is not the hidden compartment.  This is a position that is not shown on a plan and is in the brothel an area within the back office or the steps of the fire exit.

The gang, have under the mythology of Aliester Crowley  relates to building a room with a hidden door.  Within the mythology this gang will do all things to have this room hidden.  Within much I thought the relationship was to Room F until I found within Rituall VIII it talks about a room without a window and a hidden door to the secret compartment.  ROOM G, is it G for God?

As you can see within the VIC Courtney Brittle the two images two different people however close in looks.  You will see the VIC under a blanket however she ran to the Police crying.....  Who was behind this is large within the  Criminal gang I think it links to Bandano's Triads where they link into the Astoria  Hotel in Kings Cross. 

Within the statement of the VIC said that you get killed doing this.  

This is the power this outlaw gang has.  Within the mythology, under Aliester Crowley they link into the company The Hells Angels Ltd around the world.  This organisation

Chop Peter William Schaffer, stood over the  same brothel in November 2011, Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald told me on the 7 December 2011 that he liked this type of behaviour it gave him a job.  He could not help me, with the case for Juanita Nielsen or with the problem I had with Chop Peter William Schaffer.

All we need is a search warrant for the brothel on finding something that the gang would want to protect in the brothel will expose the criminal problems we have within the system where the police under 141a say no further investigation and Judges of Blanche, North, Garling, even others that I have gone before, Magistrate Leah said it's the police that need to ask.  Without them asking the Court have no power.  However she noted to me that police she has asked no police would investigate it further, Court office on the 12 July asked me to ask for a Strike Force as the law has them in a position the guy at counter 4 said to me that they can do nothing.

Shannon Elliffe extorted, defrauded then under the law when you chase the debt they threaten legal action to protect the name.  It's the system, he has on his foot the black scorpion tattoo.  This black scorpion is the protection within the gang, there is suppose to be back in 2011 only 20 now it's more I know and they are the elite within this gang of outlaws where they manipulate the system to control the money then they clean it through companies associated with the system.

Within Australia the alleged stock market firm that I noticed was Blackwood Capital where they were buying the items that if their was a tragedy in Australia they had the control, Ambulance, transport, gold mines in South Africa, I have emailed information.,
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date: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 1:28 PM

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