Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Common findings for the system allegedly Rebellion Angel Scorpion Ritual

Common findings:
Number 7 murders interrelating to a trophy where this trophy will be associated allegedly like Juanita Nielsen, will be from the town like Geelong.  You will be allegedly looking for a building with a number 34 to add to a 7 for the 7 compartments will normally be  found in the floor area.  There will be a robbery where this is an offering to the god and alleged payment to the gang for the murders however for the gang allegedly they feel it is legal as their God they pray too,  it is not Haram or condoned.
The connecton of water is a common link where the  water is an offering to going to the sea.
DNA is harder without a body to solve the murder, the alleged game of getting the body in the water, than relocating it to the hiding  spot of the 7 compartments without being seen will be moved by many people within the gang.  The wall of silence that exists hides the connection as no one talks whether they are affected by the murder, assisted the murder or for the  alleged setup’s and staged suicides that interrelate to the offerings of the god Moloch.
“Skye”  The name Skye, whether it is a Skye road, the person is on.  Whether it is a blue car that was seen.  All alleged hints in the cat and mouse game that is played by the people that have allegedly been working under Abe Saffron King of the Cross of Australia of the ownership of the company The Hells Angels Ltd. 
Dates of the murder’s or disappearances will allegedly will relate to a 7….eg Juanita Nielsen 4 July 1977 4+7+1+9+7+7 = a 7
“Francis” is a name that has been found associated with some of the murders. Eg. Juanita Nielsen’s grandfather  was Francis Foy.  Other names, Frank ….Research is needed into the timeline of Mark’s Foy in Sydney and the closing with relationship too allegedly being extorted by  Abe Saffron King of the Cross at the time as to Francis Foy’s position in the society at that time.  Allegedly the horse connection with the gang associates of Perc Galea.  Allegedly with the money that Francis Foy had he was a target for the organised criminal gang forming that Juanita Nielsen was investigating prior with her Grandfather Francis Foy as to how to stop this child’s play actions of thieving, robbery, extortion,  imitidation, standover tactics.  Allegedly this is the reason why Francis  Foy investigated the disappearance of his granddaughter with determined detail.
Victims are visited on a regular basis for some kind of ritual to put fear into the  person.  Allegedly the victim of the crime is visited once before by an outsider as the setup where allegedly child prostitution  is utilised as cat and mouse game.  Allegedly the VIC is brought again, to the person to be setup, the passing, the again putting fear into the person that they are allegedly setting up, will be done by one of the gang henchman however the VIC will be close as an offering to the god Moloch.  Then the third visit is the setup for the attack and following through Eg in evidence of Murders Prime Minister Harold Holt, Juanita Nielsen, Ricky Balcombe
Bell you will notice references to Bell Beach, to Bell in the street names
Beau allegedly interrelates to a love affair where the person setup or victim has a relationship with one person and there is an association with a male friend in the other hand this has allegedly been deemed as the two turtle doves as the offering to the God of Moloch for the crime and in many cases relates to the murder of that particular person.
Feathers allegedly the feathers, relating to the god of moloch with the reference to yellow as referring to chicken, building fear with the alleged links for the offering to the god of Moloch.
Wine the alleged red wine, the symbol of blood.  Even where the colour is different still allegedly the colour red is told.
Sex, either sexually assaulted.  Sex in the premises, the murder has rape, sexual reference through relationships, the smut that can be brought out where allegedly the whispers can be started by the organised crime gang including many people that are not associated with the Primia facia as gaining benefit from the alleged association of the crime to themselves by the whispers.  Allegedly the police informants that sell drugs, use drugs, have been convicted of drugs, utilise this informing of a story under the god of Moloch in relationship to the affirmation of where they want the crime to finish up.
Numbers of 3, means death,4 the end, 5 money, 9 the ruler,7 Moloch,81 Hells Angels reference, 8-1=7,
Court case dates allegedly through my own experience where a setup the court dates have related to equaling a 7 with a higher than normal elite within the mentions of the District Court relating to allegedly high up Hells Angels members that I have noticed.
Police investigations, allegedly the cases have all relating to the offerings of god have had problems with the evidence collecting within the cases and the police in charge of the situation for many of  these  alleged murders show that the police are not fully aware of procedure thus maybe a new police officer /Inspector/Person in charge of case brought in from another area of the Police type of investigation.  However allegedly this is associated with corruption and with the alleged botched police investigations and the relationship to the offering of the god Moloch.  The primia facia of the police investigations allegedly is the reference to a police corruption for allegedly not picking up the links to the similarities between the Vice  and the  offerings to the god of Moloch.

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