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Why isn't this man charged?

Peter Schaffer known  as Chop within the Outlaw gang posted on facebook I believe to further intimate me, however this guy I was telling the Police in November 2011 and further where I heard him talking about guns where he had them in two places.  One of those places was a place at Chatswood.  

Chop told me they were Glock guns, and they were only a worry to people when that person knew where the two halves were of the gun.

 I believe on the images supplied to the Police which Peter Schaffer had appearing publicaly on his facebook with his messages to me, and probably there is more with terrorising me numerous times with finger motion to blow my head off.  He told me to get out of the brothel as he stood over me.

This person terrorised me on February 13 2013 to the house phone in the early am where our house phone rang this night I had called the Police I was terrified what was happening.  Peter Schaffer was on the phone when I handed the phone to my daughter he made out he was apolice officer.

I thought I was going  to die that night.

If the Police could charge below, couldn't they charge Peter Schaffer with these acts..  Peter Schaffer sent this voice recording the day we recieved 2 x kero bombs at our house.

Peter Schaffer is in goal, however when he gets out is a worry to me now.  He threatened to kill me too many times.

I put the BMW image on, as this couple were moving drugs, his wife  had been still involved to a level that I  was aware of the cars keep moving and changing.

I do not know now what is happening on the ground.

Peter Schaffer on 6 March 2012 threatened me to I was terrified then told me he was going to kill my husband  I went to Kings Cross Police Station.

Peter Schaffer, links into the alleged underworld as I have seen him with a Bandidos hat, he was that I knew of involved with the drug network through his wife moving the gear and he was connecting in 2011 to Scott Orrock as he told me he was picking up gear at a coffee shop where it was out the back.  He would frequent this place and would go to Newtown.    Allegedly Chop was moving the majority of the drug ice Oxford Street, Kings Cross down to China Town.

Peter Schaffer was working under Essam Nicola Gerges connections which I will allege linked to Sewe Eastern Suburbs Sargent of Arms, Scott Orrock 2011, as Peter Schaffer said he was watching me in the brothel from the very beginning.

It's the puppet acts of terrorising, that the Police have to charge these people.  I know he may get maybe if I'm lucky 12 mths, however with what charges he is facing it could be some charges that will lead to others that have intimidated me through this guy to be charged, like his wife, and his business partner moving the alleged ice market back at that time 2011-2013 till when Peter Schaffer was caught.

He was staying for a while at the Hyatt Oak in quay Street Haymarket $1500 per week and on the unemployment benefits.  

phone numbers for Peter William Schaffer I have had is"  0404707247, 0452421593, 0452188062,0405091548, 

Sonia Schaffer 0433455230

It may help the police bring apart this drug network further.

This email, that Peter William Schaffer sent me, shows that he over threw me in the brothel.  That he was in the brothel.  That he knew more about the underage than what Police had interviewed him as he was not around in July 2011.  

However when I showed him a photo of Mary Miller he called her Mezza, Cuz.  

Within this gang before they did things to me, they would wear black glasses.  After Court, Mary Miller had an image of wearing the number 81 as a game they had played upon me.

CCTV within Police Vs Weatherstone will show Sex worker Michelle wearing black glasses as a sign.

Picture Of Peter Schaffer and Sonia with the black glasses.

The People that wore these glasses were, Roger Hegarty, Sex worker Michelle, Peter and Sonia Schaffer, Mary Miller that I saw in person or on facebook it's a sign of the Magical Glasses referred to in Frank Harris work to see the evil one.  They utilise this as a way of telling others I wil allege that they are setting people up.  Mark Alexander-Erber had a image with a guy with these glasses.

The VIC said that she had a manager outside of the  brothel on the stand iin court and has changed her statement 4 times.  I wasn't allowed by the Judge to do anything about Character, which would  have shown that she was allegedly moving drugs, balaclavas of Mary Miller and notes of Killing spree's I believe like a ritual to gain initiation into allegedly Hells Angels, 81, relates to Hells Angels, Bandidos, 81, 

The Princess, is the new Queen within the gang, as the ritual doesn't have sex like within The Scorpion Play of Aleister crowley.  This has occurred what happened to me to hide and keep hidden what's in this hidden compartment within the brothel.  
The talisman is given to the Princess by the black guy allegedly connected throughh Salvation army so she knew him.  This Talisman is talked about through the works of Aleister Crowley, Lodge J for the Scorpion.

3 Guilties as shown within the Ritual, this is where the alleged gang has to have connections within the court system as the Judge did not allow me to claim duress, the Detective Amanda Dench said she had not investigated the extortion or threats to my life they were not applicable.    However, this extortion continued and because of no notes within the file the Police Professional Standards did not see where the Police missed the investigation.

What it missed was each time an item came about me, it was forwarded to Kings Cross Police station and some how it has gone to the dead letter office each time.

What do you think I feel when you see that the Police if they tested the condom in Police Vs Weatherstone would not find the DNA of the VICTIM with that it would have shown that she was lying, well she just changed heer statement 4 times, 

The Judge A Garling to check that he has the original Exhibit G Red Book will also show that this court alleged corruption and throw doubt then even to the Crown Prosecutor and K Edwards solicitor where the system of this game they played upon me, related to calling me idiot on the stand by the Crown, by the Crown wanting me to call the Michael in the red book Michelle all for this game they play to move up within the occult.  Michael is the Arch Angel Michael, the person within the crime like Sex worker Michelle is wearing the glasses on cctv she allegedly organised one after another for the person known as the Magician where the crime revolves around.  Peter Schaffer said he was watching the brothel, and I had Sammy Sweet inside the brothel telling me he was sent by John Ibrahim and Frank Amante to fix the problem.  The problem was that the brothel was open by the brothel open allows the hidden compartment area to be seen.
This area was never checked in 2009 by the Strike Force I wondeer why?  Because within this gang they all know it's valuable, a secret to the gang and Alex said will never be searched.

Alex has helped me give the Police numbers for the drug runners, and where I could see a run, when I got it wrong he would correct me.

What happened to me is a ritual, a ritual for this gang to step up in the world.  To be moving the drugs, and protecting what ever it is that this gang knows is hidden within the brothel.  Behind Room G 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point raised area, there is no pipes in this area so you question why it's raised.

Sammy sweet is still running a llarge drug operation around Kings Cross.

THe Police have to check this area of the brothel or as I found the threats to murder me real so will the next person.  What ever Abe Saffron left behind is needing to be discovered because the next person may not get out with their life.

Jennifer Weatherstone

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From: Sonia Schaffer <>
Date: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Subject: Story teller
To: "" <>

I've just read your emails on Sonia's email need mental health help firstly I made no money out of your brothel it didn't work just caused me headaches with all your idiots you sent to sabotage the place while I was there I paid for the tile work and aircon repairs opened the doors for 16 days in total and didn't even make tiles money back you know how many times it opened by your surveillance so you know I'm not talking crap I'm not happy with the lies you've written about me and the stories you've made up I'm to sick to act in any bad manner my lungs are no good anymore and I'm riddled with blood clots check with rpa I'm sure you can and the fantasy stories of car bombs and people following you and threats on your lives are just making you look crazy the only survallence system with all footage was taking when that Amanda came in and went nuts ask the police from the cross they would have it as that night they asked us to make statements about your court case for underage sex on premises and I was asked again the other week again. And gave the same response it's against my morals of fabric I'm not made that way and can't assist anyone in anything as I don't remember yesterday let alone a week ago pal so so please stop making up stuff trying to be a home wrecker as I'm not against you or anyone else I don't go in the cross or the city anymore and don't care for that life style I got asked two weeks ago to help open the chandelier up again in my name or dads and knocked it back but the offer is and was there if I choose to take it but I'm just not well enough that place is just plan evil and believe asbestos in there or something made me sick as you know I don't smoke or take drugs all I have is the odd beer once in a while but I ask nicely please stop writing my name in your stories I don't want to take legal action against you as you have enough problems with Graham's health and trust me I have a rough idea how he feels if your going to write change the names of your characters so you don't get backlash it would be a good read as you have a very vivid imagination.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email to you Jen as its the first time I've ever written one or sent one to anyone.
Kind regards

Sent from Sonia Schaffer

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