Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Molech, the understanding

Well I call it that, it’s halfway between the Pear and the Partridge in someway.  Some call it the Moscow Nursey rhymes.
What I have noticed is the websites go up and down depending on the information that this gang is playing at the time.  It is well orchestrated and I believe through the brothel I have been shown a side that is rarely shown to members from outside this close circuit.
The links I believe are just dates and places however I was looking back in history as they utilise this in law as history to solve problems.  I have had many in the gang Hells Angels following me, and many threatened me to behave, others like Chop Peter William Schaffer continued to threaten me with Death even after the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers was shut through the threats to kill myself and others.
Alleged acts of Child prostitution under the gang eye for the closing of the brothel and the act to come for the harvest of the money where this will relate to an event to come in the end of Lent I believe.  This is the event where the Crown hidden behind the front of John Ibrahim will change hands to Australia from USA under the agreement of the company The Hells Angels Ltd started under the alleged guidance of Abe Saffron and Norman Mailer.  However by the history links to the 1931 street fight from Madam Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh times over  the drug network.  This alleged sick game has been hidden among the evidents in time however it’s not clear until you meet up from history to today what is happening.
Shirley Finn, Shirley Briffman both brothel Madams both involved in the  alleged child prostitution, both gave evidence to police about gang, both were alleged hunted by the gang for this game of Molloch to keep the money coming in under the alleged guidance of Abe Saffron.  Both were allegedly murdered in staged suicides.
Many of the Events I have suffered relate to times Kero Bombs on the 23 December 2012 thrown at my hilux on our property.
Links to Florida USA
Suttons Forest,
Many of the Clubs in Kings Cross relate to the Clubs in Florida, Pink Pussycat and Abe Saffron being the oldest in Florida and well renown in Kings Cross.  Iguana is another.
Luna Park the name is a suburb in Florida USA, there was 81 listed Luna Park’s the number of the outlaw gang Hells Angels of today coincidence, yet we continue getting the links.  Sydney Ghost train Fire 1979 was linked to the God of Mollech and with the man with the horns that met the Godson family at Circular Quay.
Nigeria Scams by my research links to Robert Bauer LLC of Spring Hill Florida again a link to Florida USA where the alleged drug feeding worldwide happens by this system and by this member who allegedly impersonates Bob Bauer the ex attorney General of the USA by photo however for his name he is Bob Bauer who is Robert Bauer of Spring Hill Florida. moves money by Western Union.
Norman Mailer allegedly hidden King of a network where the joining of the USA and Australia came about in 1975 by the formation of the company The Hells Angels Ltd.  Norman Mailer is retiring, his last book was a link to this alleged game they play The Castle in the Forest. There was a newsreel played on the First Sunday of Lent with the reflections of Norman Mailer and James Packer.  When you listen to this story it explained that many  people went for weekends in the forest.  This I will relate to a Bull, I will allege this links to the Red Cow Farm Sutton Forest.
Abe Saffron linked to the Freemasons where the many links to the people that play this alleged game, which I believe is sick links to the Freemasons
Abe Saffron here in Australia ruled under the Nightclub owner as the Largest of his time.  Now James Packer has this within Australia with the Crown Melbourne as the largest building in Australia.  Abe Saffron pushed much of his money to the USA with  family and South Africa with his wife till his death in 2006.  Now the only money left in Australia is in allegedly The Marshin Trust.  Again, the name is a slight on the  alleged game Marshin.
The reference to King of the Cross was termed in under Madam Tilly Devine as Queen of the Cross I will allege the reference is to the Maltese Sic Cross that was taken from Parliament House Australia.  This Maltese Sic Cross I will allege is hidden with the brothel as this was the key to the ownership of the drug network for Madam Tilly Devine and was transferred through to Abe  Saffron, both had the bodyguard Sid MacDonald working for them.  The King of the Cross have only been John Ibrahiim, Abe Saffron, Louie Bayeh, Bill Bayeh alleged links to the Jewish and Egyption links to the Molloch.
Essam Nicola Gerges came to the brothel brought his boys, one was Peter William Schaffer and a few, Sammy Sweet, Roger Hegarty, Sex worker Michelle, Sex worker Karyn Englehardt, sex worker Hennessy, Sonia Schaffer, Debra Miller, Lui Villany, Kel Stratton, Kell ex president of Nomads Gold Coast, Then the next group was Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter and his boys 50 that walked on Kings Cross.

Chop Peter William Schaffer, terrorised me the morning of the 13/2/2013 which links to the start of lent 2013, the end of lent is the 30 March 2013.  I know that many of the dates within the references of the Molloch something has happened to me or others relating to the brothel 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  I will allege on the 13 February 2013 Chop was trying to curse me in this game.
We have had Motorbikes past out home on a regular basis, which we didn’t have before I took over the brothel.  I have had two guys throwing Stones in February 9 2013 in the bay at 1am strange never had that before.  We have had our house phone ringing from 10 minute intervals to a couple of times a day all allegedly from the intimidation.  I have had much of my bank accounts extorted, defrauded of money from the 29 July 2011 which links into Police Vs Weatherstone and Q 363 Extort. 

The King of Moloch World Wide, was allegedly Norman Mailer in the USA where his teachings by books show connection with spreading proper gander, having books with the image of the Pink Pussycat on book covers I will further allege this was the relationship to show the cat and mouse game he was playing through history.
Allegedly the King of the Cross of Molech is transferred between Australia  and United States of America through both countries not ruled by a Queen or King nor are blessing the land to a god that believes in good only.
Within the use of the Moloch and the offerings to the god  ofMolech, the reigning King needs to collect items continually, continually building is another link eg. Winchester House USA of Winchester Guns.  Where the building continually brings in the money. 
Within the reign of the King of the Molech in the United States to  the World they need to collect a head of State,
Examples after I have studied the teachings of the Molech and the company The Hells Angels Ltd reflect to the alleged findings of  the Position of Prime Minister Harold Holt’s position than looking at history and similarities.
President John F. Kennedy allegedly murdered by the offering to the god of Molech by Norman Mailer.
Marilyn Monroe allegedly druged to look like overdose I will further allege the offering to the god of Molech by Norman Mailer.
Martin Luther King allegedy offering to the god of Molech by Norman Mailer
World Twin Towers 9/11 allegedly offering to the god of Molech by Norman Mailer for the war to increase the drugs to increase his money
White House 9/11 allegedly offering to the god of Molech by Norman Mailer
Allegedly all Presidents and Prime Ministers have been manipulated for the offering to the god of Molech by the company The Hells Angels Ltd
The secret hand shake, the pressing of the thumb allegedly one of the connections.
Allegedly the red and white striped shirt worn by Judges, Solicitors, Barristers is another silent statement to show they are from the company The Hells Angels Ltd
Propergander, within the alleged country is spread by the King of the Cross the offerings to the god of Molech.  Television stations allegedly within Australia Channel 7 and 9 by the reference of the numbers that relate to the company The Hells Angels Ltd.
Within Australia allegedly Kerry Packer’s son was the chosen one to take over from Norman Mailer.
Abe Saffron, allegedly the King of the Cross however he was not King of the World to the offerings to the god of Molech, now allegedly James Packer is and has been groomed for this position.  I will further allege that Kerry Packer took his own life through the overdosing of the herb Absinthe in the tradition of the god of Molech.
This is why, many of the people within the offerings to the god of Molech the woman are controlled to have children, for the alleged father to offer the youngest child as an offering to the god of Molech by offering to the Mouse and Cat game that they play.
Many of the alleged teachings are taught through games, television, books to our society to allegedly plant the seed of this way of thinking to be good as a way to entice the young to learn the teachings of the Molech through alleged games like Monopoly and probably many others when you research and study the televisions shows and games.  However the teachings of being good, is in respect to the alleged burning of live children to the statue of the god of Molech as a way of the hex to continue the game of the Cat and Mouse game.
Within Australia’s news tonight 10/2/13,  An alleged person Okeefe, 2  girls, twins were mentioned as within the aalleged offering of the god to the Molech, 2 back packers taken to the tunnel at menangle for the alleged offerings to the god of Molech.  References 2, twin, backpackers eg Black, tunnel, menangle eg men + angle  referring to under the alleged offering the silent language is 2 black packers men of angel as a offering of the item referred to in the teachings of two.
Within the alleged cat and mouse game, they make fun of the parliament to scam money.  Allegedly the man on the moon is a scam, there is evidence I have seen of a back pack that was used on the movie set of the Moon.  Allegedly as  a offering to the god of Molech for the world to see and be amazed however it was just a game.  There is many items I had seen by a guy allegedly like a mad professor who is an American Engineer.  
Crown Casino allegedly the largest building in Australia at this time.  I will further allege the figures on the news I heard 10/2/2013 referred to $6 Billion dollars by Mike Willese.  Freemasons conection as the alleged Master to the someone that allegedly is in charge of the person in charge of the crime.
The South head cemetery, the triangle shape on the headland of the South head, near the position of the gap , NSW Australia is a area where the Kings and Queen’s are picked for these positions allegedly by others I feel with relationship to Juanita Nielsen and Francis Foy.
I don’t mean by this report that I am against the principles, as the star, the cow jumping over the moon to see such fun, cat and the fiddle, dish ran away with the spoon.  Within the actual teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, allegedly the star, the crown, the hands welcoming the children, the sharing of bread, the red wine, the giving to others, I will allege are all to do with good.  To allegedly do with sharing, however this worshipping to the god of Molech has been created to allegedly make fun of the good teachings because these people that do are worshipping the god of money not the god of devine power.
When you have a house hexed or cursed by the allegedly offerings to the god of Molech, I will further allege that there will be an offering near by your property, there will be a mysterious disappearance where the moloch, the secret within this alleged  premises or neighbouring premises will be the body of this family member.  This alleged family member will be placed in a elevated position.  There could be a grave existing on the premises as in the past this will be placed allegedly in areas where the land is raised by strong walls, eg sandstone, brick

This alleged offerings will be kept in houses where the owners play the cat and mouse game to play homage to the family member who has been allegedly murdered.  The property will be offered for sale or lease as a way for other people to come and pay respects and praise for the offering held within the property.  Many of the properties will have tunnels, eg.  Driveway’s, walk ways, cleared land on the north of the property, the numbers of the alleged houses are relating to numbers 7, 3 +4, 9 where the 63 as 6-3 = 3 allegedly referring within this  teaching to the god of Molech as death.


  1. Was pretty aroused to find a female name in the end. Well I actually skipped to find the name since I was scared.

    Remember you must control your thinking and imagination with breathing.

    Jesus didn`t lie when he save Mary. He didn't break The Ten Commandments. He did literally nothing. He just said crap and people left. I haven't studied The New Testament but I wish I did. My life would be different if I heard of mammon name. I would have been smarter earlier. Anyways.
    Remember when JC screamed the name Eli. It is because that man is his teacher. Why he didn't call for God. God should stay good. Eli has shut down the sun for three days before, and even killed women and children for Him.
    4D is you.
    Because with the body of God...
    Anyone that can decipher the heart can control time or all of time.
    Physics proves Time desync all by itself.

    By Aaron See

    1. Welp just read the title. I hope we can become friends!