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Nigeria Scam, the Police won't investigate the links.

Dear Sir,

I have reported this, however I have had Bob Bauer asking for more money.

This is the scenario I think he is working with.

The money is transfered to Nigeria.  To the address 3 Obama Road Sango, with the photo image of Bob Bauer, he thinks it's a laugh.  He has tried to hack into my facebook account and you will have to be aware that I have had massive threats to life in the past lately.

This person went into my facebook account deleting messages that a hells Angels member or associate left threating not goal funeral by a person Chop Peter William Schaffer.  

Peter William Schaffer is known as Chop in Kings Cross.

The image on the facebook account for this Bob Bauer, is laughing, yet it could be his real name just not is image.  Therefore would not be charged allegedly with impersonating a name yet the rest of the facebook page was impersonating.  He has utilised the area of the law where he has not gained access to the money however through the images and text messages to my mobile  Jennifer Ann Weatherstone. You will see the pressure he has been involved in the collecting of funds.

Allegedly the money I believe is going to Nigeria, in small lots to buy drugs.  Heroin.  Then this Heroin is paid for allegedly by others, non relating to where the heroin is coming too.  For the delivery.  What I have read is the Heroin in Nigeria is pink which is a cream product, remembering I don't take drugs.  Most people wouldn't even relate the system to drug and drug trafficking.

This Bob Bauer was blocked on my facebook, without me playing with him again I would never had picked it up.  The messages at the time had been deleted out of my messages on facebook.

The area on facebook where he speaks to you, when you download the facebook connect for your account doesnt show up.

This Bob Bauer is fully aware of what he is doing, and aware of high profile people in the community that are trusted.  Janice Loughrey's husband works I believe for an internal affairs within Australia or has worked monitoring the tension between countries for the outbreak of war.  He has told me he was monitoring India and China as the next area that the world has to be aware of due to the commodities coming out of these countries.

Bob Bauer, has had three accomplises, One in Ohio and two in Nigeria.  Relating the country Nigeria to President Obama to try to get him into trouble I believe.

Allegedly I believe that this Bob Bauer is real, however he is a funny man.  Maybe younger and after money.  I have attached some addresses that link to the area of Spring Hill Florida and to the name Bob Bauer.  I have explained to him in detail to return my money or suffer the consequences of goal with my words of visualising a lock and turning the key.

I think, Bob Bauer has laughed about it.  He has hit the like button on my subscribed feed on facebook.  As if I announced on facebook about him, he would be aware to move on in a hurry.

I hope I have enough connections.

Dear Sir,

Over the time I have given addresses, names, how the system has worked and this is the reply that Australia and Interpol will not help where it relates to allegedly through the other extortion I have had that links to John Ibrahim, Bill Bayeh of the Hells Angels Ltd directorship war they are having.  This is how the alleged drug network has remained since 1994 Royal Commission as the company behind the drug network was not picked up.  Allegedly in 1975, this was under allegedly whether on paper or silent by Abe Saffron.

Shootings all over Sydney, and Justice system walks away from a case where it is clear evidence through my messages with this guy impersonating Bob Bauer the President of the White House.  This should be an Australian alert to America.

I have within the messages to this Bob Bauer from Spring Hill added people and evidence to help, this Bob Bauer in Spring Hill was married in 2009 to a Pat Bauer which he has separated  from by the messages.

This should be a code red to USA, and to Australia  it also attaches the leaders here in Australia of *The Hells Angels Ltd/ now trading as TYVO Ltd.  This company will be in some form or another, be registered in the  27 Countries where Hells Angels and drugs are fed into the countries.  This allegedly is the business deal of the contract for the drug network world wide.

If we are not serious about getting rid of the drugs than we should legalise them so other people don't go through what I have.

Jennifer Weatherstone
The Kings  Cross Sting

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: No-Reply <>
Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:18 AM
Subject: RE: allegedly Bob Bauer/Jennifer Weatherstone extortion [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
To: Jennifer <>


 Dear Ms Weatherstone,

Interpol Canberra is unable to assist you. Please report this scam to your local state police or Scamwatch.


Interpol Canberra


From: Jennifer []
Sent: Wednesday, 15 August 2012 11:53 PM
To: AOCC-Interpol-CBR
Subject: allegedly Bob Bauer/Jennifer Weatherstone extortion

This is definately the Bob Bauer, who is from Spring Hill by the wife's name Pat  that works for the company listed within the emails.

The person utilising the image is a different Bob Bauer.

Allegedly this man has been doing this scamming for a while on the internet by my research and utilising the same name, his name however by the messages he says he is not the boss.

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